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Basic Maintenance Plan

Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations makes it easy for you to rent your vacation home. We minimize all the nickel and diming you are used to seeing in other property management companies.

The Basic Maintenance Plan combines both guest-in minor issues and preventative maintenance measures to decrease possible issues that could arise while a guest is in. Below are the items that are covered under the Basic Maintenance Plan, if you would like to participate please check it off on your Exclusive Property Management Agreement Addendum. The fee will be added into your advertised rate. 


  • Twice a year furnace filter change (materials not included)
  • Twice a year smoke detector battery change
  • Annual Maintenance Check

While Vacation Rental is occupied by guest:

  • Troubleshooting over the telephone for appliance, electronics, hot tub, and/or media operations.
  • Trip charge and up to 30 minutes of on-site basic troubleshooting & minor repairs for appliances & electronics (anything over 30 minutes will be billed to owner at our non-technical or technical fees) by our in house maintenance.
  • Delivery and pick up of loaner items (loaner items will be no charge up to 7 days).
  • Trip charge & replacement of light bulbs from owner stock.
  • Troubleshooting and igniting gas fireplace pilot or wood fireplace flu operation.
  • Breaker and hot tub resets.
  • Plunge toilets and clear small drain clogs.
  • Secure towel bars and toilet paper holders.
  • Deliver and/or repair game table accessories.
  • Delivery of Propane tank (tank refill is not included).
  • Reattachment of hot tub strap and replacement of hot tub lock. 

What is not covered?

  • Any item that needs a 10 foot or larger ladder or scaffolding (i.e. If you have cathedral ceilings and a light bulb needs to be replaced – you will be charged the labor time plus the actual light bulb).
  • Any of the above items when an owner or non-revenue guest is in.
  • If there is a consistent problem with any of the above items and the owner has been made aware of this problem.
  • Any work done by an outside vendor.
  • Disarming home security alarms.
  • Service calls due to non-payment of utility services.
  • Materials purchased to replace/repair (except smoke detector batteries)
  • Screen Repairs
  • Electronic Replacement (I.e. DVD, VCR, Stereo speakers and components)
  • Remote Controls
  • Hearth Rugs
  • Pillows Blankets
  • Mattress Pads
  • Trash Pick Up
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