Dinner at Pine Lodge Steakhouse

During the holiday madness, my husband and I were able to make it out to Pine Lodge Steakhouse for dinner. Centrally located in McHenry, Pine Lodge Steakhouse is not a far drive from any lake home. It has two dining areas, the upstairs dining area and the saloon downstairs with wax stone floors, wooden pillars, and a large horseshoe style bar. We choose the saloon, with the smoking ban in all restaurants in Maryland we were able to bring our 9 month old son with us as well (he chose crackers for dinner). We started out our dinner with the appetizer special, the mussels, which ended up being a fabulous option. Then we split their biggest steak on the menu, The Lumberjack – it exceeded our expectations (it was so big, we needed to take some home for lunch the next day). We had a fantastic meal and top notch service for under $55 at a very popular restaurant in Deep Creek Lake. They have great lunch specials and dining options for every taste bud. You can even make reservations online at http://www.dclfun.com/! Look forward to seeing you out and about in Deep Creek Lake!

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