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Pasta Mania at Four Seasons,Will ‘O the Wisp

We went to Will ‘O the Wisp for dinner at Four Seasons Restaurant last night. If you have not gone to pasta night here, you are missing out!

The new lounge area is something to see. We started with cocktails and talked with the Will O’ crew (Rhonda, Dawn, and Wendy). We then were seated in the dining area overlooking the lake and ordered a salad or soup (French Onion Soup was great!). Then we got in line at the pasta stations. You get to choose the meat you would like, vegetables, a style of sauce (they have over 30), as well as the type of pasta (I went with whole wheat). I got a suggestion from their head chef, Jason Fickes, for the spicy tequila pink sauce. It was delightful!

All of this for only $14.95 each. The Taylor-Made DCV (Jodi, Joe, Chad, and Lisa)crew enjoyed a wonderful night at Pasta Mania. The food was great and the service was fantastic. For a party of four we paid only $80 with drinks and tip!

Below is information from their website:

Imagine standing beside a chef who is preparing your meal with a three-foot high column of flame! It is called flambé, and is part of the finishing process for preparation of certain types of sauces. On Wednesday nights at the Four Seasons Restaurant, you can treat yourself to a wonderful and unusual pasta dinner. Directly overlooking Deep Creek Lake, the Four Seasons is a beautiful room with a gracious atmosphere, with linen tablecloths, fresh flowers, candlelight and on Wednesday nights.