Ice Skating and Sushi at Wisp

Last night Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations took the staff ice skating at Wisp. For only $16/person you get a 90 minute session of ice skating. We all had a lot of fun watching each other remember how to ice skate, it brought back many fond, and sore, memories! We enjoyed a bonfire and some warm cocoa!

Afterwards we headed over to Wispers for some music and sushi. Wednesday nights that have sushi night at Wisp – it was fabulous. We had great service and saw a lot of friends.

Thanks again to our wonderful staff that make it all worth while!

Thanks also to John McCracken and Rex from Wisp for making our night that much more special!

Swallow Falls in the Winter

After receiving over 87″ of snow so far this year and being too busy to get outside to actually enjoy it, I decided to venture out yesterday. I took the family to a snowy and quite beautiful destination. One that we all love to hike in the summer but seem to forget about it in the winter, Swallow Falls State Park.

One thing I never really noticed until yesterday, is that they have a handicap parking spot further down on the walkway to the Falls and a ramp that leads to the overlook – so everyone can enjoy the awe inspiring rush of the waterfall!

Muddy Creek was not completely frozen, but still magnificent in its splendor. The pathways were all plowed making the walk easy and my son had a blast in the snow on the way down.

If you have not made it out there yet – Swallow Fall State Park in the winter is a must see!

Holidays in Deep Creek Lake

The snow was flying in Deep Creek Lake for the holidays. Christmas was spectacular with the snow and the lights, and down town Oakland was all in its splendor! We received over a foot of snow over the last week and the slopes were in high gear. I have heard raves about the new ice skating ring and the tubing hill is tremendous fun. Wisp is having all kinds of mid week specials on skiing, so call now to make a ski trip mid week and save big on your accommodations at one of our vacation homes and lift tickets at Wisp!