Fabulous Dinner at Will O’the Wisp

Joe and I went out with some friends last night for a great dinner on the lake at Will O’the Wisp. We enjoyed before dinner cocktails in the new lounge area, where Terah made us some signature drinks. We then proceeded to dinner where we had the pan fried mozzarella wheels (fantastic choice). I choose the shrimp tempura dinner with a chili-garlic sauce and decided to try the french onion soup. Now, I have to admit, I have tryed my share of french onion soup, and believed before last night, that Uno’s had cornered the market on this soup. However, the herbs and broth mixed with fresh croutons and cheese made this french onion my number one choice anywhere!!

Too stuffed to even think about desert, we decided to take ours to go. Definitely, just as the good the next day!

Our waiter, Trevor, was fabulous and met all of our needs, and was great in customer service. Jason Fickes, the chef, even came out to say hi.

This was a great dinner with amazing atmosphere, and a must stop your next time into town!

Purchase Your Fishing/Hunting License by Phone

You can now purchase your hunting/fishing license by phone by calling 1-800-918-2870 and receive a confirmation number that will allow them to fish that day. There is a $5.00 service charge added to the cost of the license.

If you get checked by the NRP (Natural Resources Police) all you will have to do is give the Officer the Confirmation #.

– Thanks Patty Manown Mash for the information!

Winterfest 2010

Winterfest 2010 was this past weekend in downtown Oakland. The weather was perfect with the sun shining (no snowfall) and about the high 20’s. Joe, Brody, and I started the day at the snowmobile races across from the Armory. We ran into Andrea Miller, our new Events Coordinator, Jay Savage and family, and the Lohrs.

We then went over to the festival and walked around town. The kids enjoyed the ice slide, throne, and bowling alley. There were fabulous ice sculptors to view (Brody likes the Choo Choo the best!). Saw some snowmen, and checked out the wine tasting in the Book Market. If you have not been in the Book Market lately – it is a must stop! I will be going back to pick out a Truck Book for Brody’s birthday. We ran into Angie Landers, from our Reservation department, and family.

Great times were had by all! Thank you Oakland.

To finish off our afternoon we ended up at the Honi Honi for some appetizers and hot cocoa.

Snow Storm 2010

Deep Creek Lake received over 36 inches of snow this past weekend. It snowed all Friday and through the night until Saturday around 2pm. 219 was a one lane highway in the morning on Saturday, and most of us locals were pushing snow through the back roads, since they were not touched until later in the morning yesterday by the county roads. You could easily find 7 foot snow drifts in areas from the high winds on Friday night.

Below is a picture from one of our guests that stayed at On Eagle’s Wings, on top of the mountain. This guest is 6’3″ – that is one big drift!
Thank you to Mariel Schenk and family for the picture, these are friends and family of Western Trails Riding Stables. Also special thanks to Gen Schenk for bringing the tractor up to our house on Friday evening to get everyone out!