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Fabulous Dinner at Will O’the Wisp

Joe and I went out with some friends last night for a great dinner on the lake at Will O’the Wisp. We enjoyed before dinner cocktails in the new lounge area, where Terah made us some signature drinks. We then proceeded to dinner where we had the pan fried mozzarella wheels (fantastic choice). I choose the shrimp tempura dinner with a chili-garlic sauce and decided to try the french onion soup. Now, I have to admit, I have tryed my share of french onion soup, and believed before last night, that Uno’s had cornered the market on this soup. However, the herbs and broth mixed with fresh croutons and cheese made this french onion my number one choice anywhere!!

Too stuffed to even think about desert, we decided to take ours to go. Definitely, just as the good the next day!

Our waiter, Trevor, was fabulous and met all of our needs, and was great in customer service. Jason Fickes, the chef, even came out to say hi.

This was a great dinner with amazing atmosphere, and a must stop your next time into town!