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Winterfest 2010

Winterfest 2010 was this past weekend in downtown Oakland. The weather was perfect with the sun shining (no snowfall) and about the high 20’s. Joe, Brody, and I started the day at the snowmobile races across from the Armory. We ran into Andrea Miller, our new Events Coordinator, Jay Savage and family, and the Lohrs.

We then went over to the festival and walked around town. The kids enjoyed the ice slide, throne, and bowling alley. There were fabulous ice sculptors to view (Brody likes the Choo Choo the best!). Saw some snowmen, and checked out the wine tasting in the Book Market. If you have not been in the Book Market lately – it is a must stop! I will be going back to pick out a Truck Book for Brody’s birthday. We ran into Angie Landers, from our Reservation department, and family.

Great times were had by all! Thank you Oakland.

To finish off our afternoon we ended up at the Honi Honi for some appetizers and hot cocoa.