And snow it begins….

We sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday and stuffed themselves silly with all kinds of turkey goodness. Those visiting our mountainous region were greeted this morning with a slight blanket of snow. The perfect opportunity for Wisp to start cranking out the fluffy white stuff. Megan, my beloved pal and fellow Reservationist, is an avid snowboarder and she was reacting like a typical kid in a candy store all day. The more snow that fell, the more psyched she became. A very entertaining sight for those of us that are somewhat “snow challenged”, such as myself. We don’t always get as excited about the coldness as the “outdoor enthusiasts” do, but I must admit, it was refreshing to see. On this note, if you are planning on visiting us in the next few months, don’t forget to call our office and get the inside scoop on pre-purchasing your lift tickets when staying with Taylor-Made. Not only are they discounted but we will have them ready and waiting for you when you arrive at your home. Truly a win- win for you!If you are visiting our area this upcoming weekend, you should check out “Christmas In The Village” located at the Spruce Forest Artisan Village in Grantsville, MD ( a mere 35 minute drive from McHenry). Guests will enjoy strolling the candle lit colonial village as they shop for homemade holiday gifts and enjoy complimentary refreshments. Storytelling and musical programs will also be present to add to the true holiday ambience. I also heard from an “inside source” that Santa will be making a special appearance in Oakland, this weekend. Located a close 15 minutes from Deep Creek, Oakland is your typical charming small town. Beautifully decorated with a large lighted tree, exquisite decor, and giving off a very “merry” vibe, this town is our county seat and something that our locals are very proud of. Call our office for more details on Santa’s sighting. Until then, life on the mountain rolls on and we cant’ wait to see you at the Lake!

Happy Birthday Wendy!!

Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations would like to shout out a very happy and healthy birthday wish to their beloved employee, Wendy Cardiff! Not only does she take care of our accounting but we love her spew of random yet incredibly insightful input on obscure trivia! Even as her “office space” temporarily diminishes, she still manages to bring a smile to all of those around her. Happy Birthday Wendy! We love ya!

Snow Already?

Much to the chagrin of some and the glee to others, Garrett County saw its first snow flurries last week. Wisp took advantage and cranked up their blowers in preparation for the season. Winter enthusiasts all over McHenry could be heard cheering merrily! Of course, Mother Nature, in her true fickle form, decided that she wasn’t quite ready to have us break out the winter wear and for the past few days, Garrett Countains have been experiencing some spectacular sunny days with temps in the mid-60’s. This is the perfect opportunity to get outside and get some fresh air. As always, Swallow Falls State Park, which houses the largest standing waterfall in the state of Maryland is a must see and do! Even with the leaves down, it’s still an awesome place for hiking and sightseeing. Don’t forget to take your camera!
If you’re planning a trip to visit us in the next week or if you are planning a last minute getaway, there are still plenty of activities going on in the area. Pine Lodge Steakhouse is offering entertainment in their upstairs dining area on the 20th, with their “Big Band Broadway and More”. Mark and Muriel Franc will be performing a variety music from love songs to Broadway show tunes. Guaranteed to be an enjoyable evening. Of course, while you are there, we insist that you try their legendary Creamy Crab Soup! Yum!
Wisp Resort is hosting a comedy blast on the 20th! For a mere $22 per person, you get hors d’ oeuvres and 90 minutes of laughable entertainment. Seating is limited so call ahead for reservations.
It’s not too late to book your Thanksgiving getaway. Gather friends and family and some spend the holiday with us here at Taylor-Made. We are running some fabulous specials on all of our homes so call today to speak to one of our Reservation Specialist. Until next week, when we start talking turkey and preparing for the “arctic blast” that is coming our way (think snow!!), we hope to see you in the mountains!