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Snow Shoeing with All Earth Eco Tours

The quiet blanket of snow hushes the forest and creates a peaceful silence only broken by the gentle laughter of Snowshoers and the occasional call of the chickadee. The forest canopy drops a sprinkle of diamond sparkled snowflakes and areas long hidden by brush and undergrowth now become new discoveries as we move over the soft blanket of white peace. The frozen waterfalls and immense old growth forest create a winter wonderland that truly is one of the most places in the world.

All Earth Eco Tours is again offering Snowshoeing Tours (our tenth year) on Saturdays and Sundays at 10AM and 1PM, at Swallow Falls State Park. We provide state-of-the-art snowshoes, a fun loving and expert local guide and hot coco along the trail. These amazing affordable tours are designed for just about all ages and we go at a suitable pace for the ability and physical condition of the group. Tour participants will learn about safe winter travel in the woods, local flora and fauna as well as have easy access to great picture taking opportunities. Conditions have arrived early this year and tours begin this weekend December 11th-12th. Advance reservations are required by calling toll free 1-800-446-7554. Our expert adventure consultants are ready to answer any questions your guests may have to guarantee that they are properly prepared. In addition we are offering custom high adventure snowshoeing tours to athleltic groups.