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Ice, Ice, Baby

So, as you are driving down Rt.219, traveling through Garrett County, you may catch a glimpse of some little tents sporadically spread across Deep Creek Lake. Garrett Countians, being the resourceful folk that they are, have found yet another way to turn Deep Creek Lake into recreational use. We call this ice fishing and it is a very popular wintertime activity here in the mountains. Why would one choose to sit out in the cold and fish? For the goods, that’s why. Largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, yellow perch, chain pickerel, bluegill and pumpkinseed sunfish can all be found, according to the State Park’s website. Because the ice generally does not get thicker than 8-10 inches, a hand held auger can be used to create your hole. Some local vendors in our area even rent out the necessary equipment needed. Many people find it a peaceful way to enjoy the fresh outside air and the tents, although not necessary, do help to block out the some of the wind. To learn more about this wintertime activity, click on the link below. Otherwise, we’ll see on the lake (literally…) . Please make sure you check with the local bait shops to see if and where it is safe to go out on the lake to ice fish.