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Aaaahhh! Springtime in the Mountains!

Her arrival was becoming questionable but alas, Mother Nature has worked her magic and Spring is finally in the air. Now is the perfect time to visit us here at Deep Creek Lake. The trees are in bloom, the air is crisp and fresh, and the sun is perfectly warm without being too hot. Yes, I am bragging but if you were here, you would understand why. There are a myriad of activities to do at this time of the year; golfing, fishing, hiking, geocaching, horseback riding, and antique shopping, just to name a few. However, if you really want to try something different and with a little more “local flair”, then you should check out some of our area events. This upcoming Saturday there will be a Ramp Cook Off held at Deep Creek State Park. What, may you ask, is a ramp? Good question. Ramps are essentially intense flavored wild onions that are high in healthy vitamins and minerals. The kicker is that they are, how do I put this, as to not offend? Well, they are stinky! Oh, yes, the ramp is one rather stinky onion but more than enough people are more than willing to overlook this flaw. These wild onions generally grow in the higher wooded regions and usually begin to sprout up in April. My family has been “ramping” for several years now and we love it. We look at it as an awesome family activity that not only gets us outside (anything away from a “hypnotizing electrical contraption”, on occasion, is a plus in my book!) but allows us to explore parts of Garrett County that you don’t normally see. This Saturday, you will will have the oppurtunity to bring the family to the park where there will be music, interpretive events on site, tasty dishes, and fun for the whole family. Embrace Western Maryland with a visit to our Ramp Kick Off! Who knows, maybe you’ll embrace the Ramp as others have and make it a family tradition. See ya at the Lake!