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April Showers Bring…..Snow???

If you have had the pleasure of visiting Deep Creek Lake anytime in the past week or so, then you may be a tad befuddled by the weather we have been experiencing. Mother Nature has been quite fickle as of late, bestowing us with massive amounts of snow one day and sunny and in the 70’s the next. One of my favorite places to take the family at this time of year is to the Deep Creek Lake Discovery Center, located beside Deep Creek State Park. This enviromental center is the ideal place to bring the kids so that they can learn more about the natural resources that are available here in our region. Art, photographs, hands-on exhibits, and artifacts are just some of the many tools used to educate the public on a “behind the scenes” look at Deep Creek Lake. On April 23rd from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm, the center will be be offering children a chance to participate in natural egg dying. Bring no more than 6 clean hardboiled eggs and enjoy the experience of dying eggs with natural egg dyes. The Easter Bunny will also be present for pictures and will be handing out treats to the wee ones. Guaranteed to be a day of good ol’ family fun! Stop by, we can’t wait to see you! Look for a future blog where we discuss all things super stinky…yep, that’s right, folks. We are quickly approaching “Ramp Season”, otherwise known as that “Really, really stinky onion thing…” C-ya at the lake!