Tasty Treats

On June 6th visitors and tourists alike will have the opportunity to indulge in some of Garrett County’s finest dining establishment’s cuisine. Held at Wisp Resort, you pay $25 and get to taste different food specialties prepared by local chefs. (Kids 12 and under pay $15) There will also be raffles, prizes, games, music courtesy of legendary local DJ Johnny Rock, and a cash bar. Currently there is no complete listing of all of the vendors that will be attending but using my stealthy detective skills I was able to get the inside skinny on some the dining establishments that will be attending. Brenda’s Pizzeria will be there (and who doesn’t love her pizza?) as well as Sante Fe (Olé), Jearbryo’s (love their salads) and our neighbor, Gourmet to Go. (I have heard rumors that they may be bringing some samples of chocolate from their latest addition, Deep Creek Sweets. Sinful but well worth the indulgence!) All proceeds go towards the progress of the trail construction plans for Garrett Trails. Grab the family and come on out. Good music, great food, prizes, a bar, and did I mention chocolate? Seems like a fabulous day to me. Till the next time, we’ll see you on the lake!

A Treasure Hunt With A Twist

If you have had the pleasure of being in our area as of late, then you must have noticed the obvious signs of lake life reawakening. Docks are being put in, fishermen are taking advantage of early morning glassy waters and the eager tubers are out and about. One of my all time favorite spring activities is to take the family out on a geo-caching adventure. A “what kind of adventure?”, you may be asking. Geo-caching! (Pronounced G-O Cashing) Geo-caching is a real world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called caches, by using a GPS-enabled advice. It’s like a newer version of scavenger hunting, only more technically advanced. Players go online where they enter the zip code for the area that they are going to be hunting. They enter the coordinates into the GPS, decipher clues if available, and set out on an adventure. These hunts vary in difficulty but it is an easy and fun game to learn. Another neat fact about geo-caching is that most containers contain a book that you can view and sign. How amazing to see how far people have come. (My family has a cache that we created and hid. We were so excited to see one group was from Canada!) In most containers, there are trinkets left from previous cachers. The rule is, if you take something out, you must put something back in. (I claimed a most awesome Winnie the Pooh Pez dispenser!) ASCI offers some terrific Cache Tours which will give you the gist of the game, if you are reluctant to try it solo. There are so many great caches to be found here in our area. So, if you are looking for something a little new, a little different, a little unique, then try out geo-caching! In the meantime, cache you at the lake!