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Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah…A day @ Wisp!

In those snowy, cold months it is easy to see why so many flock from near and far to Wisp Resort…to embrace the ski slopes! And when, winter ends, what then? We all pack up and go home? Heck no! Wisp has turned it’s enterprise into a 4 season playground and Taylor-Made employees and friends had the pleasure of experiencing some of the super fun and adventurous summer time activities that they offer, last week. Some chose the SegwayWayTours. I have no other way to describe them, except to say that you basically cruise around on a futuristic looking machine. Megan, from Reservations, thinks they are awesome and would consider buying one, “because it’s just that fun!” (silly girl!). My 7 & 11 year old boys had a total blast on the Chipmunk Challenge Course….they climbed, maneuvered on rocking planks, zipped and slid and they loved every minute of it! Came home with glowing faces and raved about their day. I think the words, “It was so awesome!”, summed it up nicely. Then, they went to bed super early (thank you Wisp! haha!). More adventurous Taylor-Made employees tried the adult version, The Flying Squirrel Canopy Tour! Our pictures tell all (Jodi was caught on camera with the most exuberant grin! An adventure junkie for certain!). For those that prefer the ‘calmer’ activities, you should definitely check out the scenic chair lift rides. Above all else, do not forget your camera! Phenomenal lake and mountain views! This is simply to name a very few…there is also the mountain coaster ride, golf, ziplines….Oh, heck! I do not have time to name all of them. Check out their website for a full listing. Your answer to ‘What is there to do in McHenry?’ has just been answered! A bevy of fun-filled activities are beckoning you, regardless of season! On a holiday note, as usual, Wisp will be entertaining all on the 4th with their annual Fire On The Mountain Fireworks display! Always spectacular!! In the meantime, see you IN the lake! (It has warmed up and feels Fabulous!!)