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Bring on the Heat!

Mother Nature has really been “bringing the heat” for the past week as most of the East coast has been getting hit with record breaking high temps. This is yet another reason I love living in the mountains. Our temperatures have been running high around 85 degrees but with little humidity. Absolutely ideal lake water. It has been that perfect temperature where it can refreshingly cool you off but not so cold that you get goosebumps when you get out.
One of my all time favorite signs that Summer is in full swing is going to Farmer’s Market for fresh produce. It is held in Oakland, our county seat, every Wednesday and Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm. Area vendors come out and peddle their ware. You will find almost every known veggie and fruit that you could want. (I’ve been told by an inside informant to keep an eye out for “Peach Truck” . Apparently his peaches are quite delectable and being sold at very reasonable prices. (Yum on the thoughts of warm peach pie. I lack the culinary talents to actually make one so if someone needs a “taste tester”, I could be your gal!). While you’re up that way, check out some of the local shops. There you will find antique shops, small clothing stores, a book market, and several different dining establishments. (Check out Dottie’s Grill located within walking distance to the Farmer’s Market. Fabulous home cooking that is wallet friendly!)
Taylor-Made is happily participating in our area’s “Welcome Party”. Held every Monday from 3-5 pm on the front lawn of Uno’s Chicago Grill, here you can check out some of the local vendors in the area. They can inform you of the services that they offer and can help you plan out some activities to do during your stay at Deep Creek. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly learning a little bit of history about our area from vendors including info on our wildlife and habitat from the local DNR. There is also lots of fun games, prizes, snacks, and a cash bar. I highly recommend that you stop on by. Wanting to beat the heat? August is just around the corner so call today to plan your escape to the mountains. Otherwise, see you IN the lake!