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Fair = Fun Times!

August is such an awesome month! To some it may indicate the end of summer but to me, it has always been the epitome of summer goodness. August signifies fresh garden veggies (sweet corn and tomatoes preferably), lots of swimming, planning last minute vacation getaways, and of course, the Garrett County Fair! The 55th annual Garrett County Agricultural Fair begins this Saturday the 13th and runs throughout the week. Locals and visitors alike love and look forward to the fair! Images of swirling rides, carnival games, demolition derbies, tractor pulls and musical entertainment are just some of the fun activities that one can enjoy at the fair. Throw in some fresh lemonade, famous rotary fries, pizza, cotton candy and caramel apples and I find it hard to believe that anyone could resist checking it out. Stroll through the animal barns to get a true sense of farm life as local farmers show off and peddle their ware. You can also walk through the display barns to see the wondrous creations that locals in the area have made or grown. (Everything from veggies, flowers, paintings, and pictures to clothing, and elaborate quilts.) It’s quite impressive to see the great talent that so many people in our area exhibit. If you truly want to experience a piece of tried and true Garrett County tradition than visit our area next week and join us at the fairgrounds. It’s truly a fun and exciting experience for the whole family! See you there!