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Fabulous Feast or Devine Sweet Treat? Why Choose? Have Both!

We are always super excited when a new business comes to our area, but there is something about a new place to dine, that really gets us stoked! Throw in the fact that it’s reasonably priced, fast, the food is fresh and delicious, and is within walking distance to our office, and well, it’s easy to see that we are big fans. Gourmet to Go came to Deep Creek Lake in December and from their open house on, we were hooked. Autumn Newcomb-Shay and Terry Fram took their culinary talents to a whole new level and wanted to bring fresh gourmet style meals to the dinner table. Their menu is quite vast and extends from “build your own” sandwiches with all fresh produce, comforting warm and delectable soups, to entrees that provide your family with a full healthy meal.
Not quite satisfied with stopping there, Autumn and Terry bought the chocolate shop next door and opened up the shop to offer sweets (think a bevy of yummy chocolate!), wonderful aromatic coffees, and even breakfast. They added a touch of color to our outside walk by adding some tables and umbrellas. Many of our renters have ranted about how much they love the food and the luxury of dining outside in the fresh mountain air. These gals seem almost unstoppable as they are now conquering the catering world with their wonderful variety of food. So, the next time you are in the area, I highly recommend checking out their full menu. It is perfect for the couple that wants to grab a quick bite before they hit the lake or for the local mom who is running crazy from sporting practices but still wants to give the kids something more substantial than any old take out. The food is divine, the customer service is always pleasant, and the chocolate…well, how can you go wrong with chocolate. Still lots of gorgeous days to be spent here in the mountains, so see you at the lake!