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Orlando never stood a chance!

Some of Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations staff members just returned from a whirl wind trip to Orlando where they attended the annual VRMA conference (Vacation Rental Management Association). What an enlightening experience! Most days and evenings were spent attending seminars, checking out the showcases, and networking with other vacation rental companies. It was a very rewarding and educational opportunity to pass ideas around with associations who are in the biz! Of course, all work and no play makes for a grumpy group. Taylor-Made got in the spirit of things by dressing as crazed WVU fans for the tailgating party that VRMA hosted. I must say, they can throw down one heck of a party. An awesome band, game stations (foosball, darts, air hockey, etc.), beverages, and food galore! Mix in a fireworks display and you can’t go wrong! Sadly, our group did not win the grand prize. In all honesty, I’m not quite sure what the winning category even was (Best dressed??? Best costume???) I do know that if the category was ‘loudest’, ‘most spirited’, ‘most verbally harsh on the ear drums’, we would have been a shoe in! We finished our trip with an amazing, fun trip to the Islands’ of Adventure! Roller coasters, water rides, shops, slushies, basically all things good! Chad was like a kid in a candy store when he entered Harry Potter’s village! Too funny! All in all, the trip was an awesome experience. I learned a lot of useful information and met some extremely interesting people, many of whom I plan to stay in touch with. We arrived home just in time for a gusty, yet sunny and fabulous Autumn Glory Parade (and to the clown who, oh so kindly, dumped a bucket of candy at the feet of my 8 year old son, “thanks! That was meant as sarcastic btw!”)! Until next time when I pass on more of my Deep Creek knowledge, see you at the lake!