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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

The forecast called for “Nice with an abundance of sunshine”, and it really was. I decided to hit downtown Oakland to boost the economy with some shopping! After an extremely delish lunch @ Dottie’s Grill, I decided to check out the brand spankin’ new Oakland Transportation Museum! “Ummm, the what???”, you may ask?, as did I! Yes, that’s right folks, Oakland is yet again digging deep into its historical roots and has now brought to town an actual museum filled with a bevy of old time transportation that is a part of Garrett County History. Yes, there is your usual old time horse and buggy, classic Cadillac, super groovy Jeepster, old school fire engine, and so forth. Seems rather mundane, right? Wrong! Locals and visitors will certainly enjoy learning about some of the amazing history of our county seat and surrounding area! Walk upstairs and take a huge step back into Deep Creek Lake history. Very interesting and very cool! As a local, I remember a time when the old 219 bridge stood, the lake was way less ‘recreational’, and you had to drive at least an hour away for a Big Mac or Wal-Mart. Of course, our area has advanced a great deal since then but it becomes apparent that the true serene yet fun atmosphere of the lake is still what brings visitors to our area time and time again. Be sure to check out the model of the first snowmobile that graced the area and the first Flying Scot Sailboat that flowed on the waters of Deep Creek Lake. I highly recommend that you take a day to hit downtown Oakland. Have lunch at one of the many local dining establishments, shop for antiques at one of the many shops downtown and take time to check out the Transportation Museum. It really is worth the trip! Until next week when we drink some ale at Octoberfest, eat tons of food and celebrate the day at the Autumn Glory Parade, we’ll see you at the lake!