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Movin On Up!

A little bit of chaos combined with a definite sense of excitement is one way to describe life at the new Taylor-Made Deep Creek office. Yes, I did say new!!! This week we made the big bold move and moved into our new building located at 35 Town Center Way. If you are at all familiar with our area, then this would, in fact, be that absolutely fabulous big log building adjacent from Market Square! Now, granted, my perspective is a little big askew but I find it impressive  and rewarding to work for a company that just a mere 4 years ago started with a single property and has now grown to over 130 vacation rental homes and 40 + property service homes. Back in 2008, Jodi, Joe, and Chad grabbed a hold of the opportunity to begin their own vacation rental company, thus, Taylor-Made. Jodi and Chad grew up essentially raised into the business and learned all of the traits from 2 of the leading vacation industry pioneers, their parents, Zack and Linda Taylor.  Joe, of course, has been well known in the area for his business smarts and nothing says “Customer Service” like working and owning your own restaurant. Together the three decided to combine their knowledge and it has certainly paid off. Now, to the outside business world, they may know that Jodi is a whiz when it comes to working numbers, Chad is guru when it comes to all things computer, and Joe is exceptionally bright when it comes to all things in the maintenance department. As employees, we get to see the more in depth side of these complex personalities. For instance, when Jodi gets excited she does an extremely clumsy dance that is entertaining on many levels, Chad often tries to persuade us to have “English Accent Day” and Joe has a passion for singing along with musical Christmas decorations. These traits are among the many that make them the endearing employers that they are. They have created a company environment that is fun and exciting but allows each employee to finish each day with a feeling of pride and accomplishment. That being said, we would like to say Thank You to Jodi, Joe, and Chad. Congratulations on all of your hard work and for this new big step for the company! It’s going to be an exciting year! In the meantime, we can’t wait to see you at the lake!