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Because Anything Can Happen…

     Mother Nature continues to astound us up here in the mountains as the snow still falls. Although a yearning for Spring and spring-like things is in the air, we do what we do best; we use it to our advantage! Looking for a fun-filled family activity? Pack up the kids and head over to Wisp’s snow tubing park for a day of excitement and adventure! Cross Country skiing? Snowmobiling? Snowshoeing? Just some of the many options of things to do in the area! Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations is offering some fantastic deals right now! Call now and ask about our “Stay 3 nights for the price of 2!” deal pertaining to most of our homes! I don’t know about you but a nice relaxing weekend away seems like the perfect solution for brushing off the winter blahs!
      Taylor-Made employees recently had the pleasure of meeting with Kurt, their representative from Red Sky Travel Insurance. Red Sky Travel Insurance  is an optional traveler’s insurance that we offer to each guest that reserves a vacation home with us. Very often, most people assume that the travelers insurance is just an added cost and will not pertain to them so they choose to decline it. However, as we all know, life is not predictable. Although some could say “Better safe than sorry”, we look at it like, “Isn’t it just better to be prepared?” Anything can happen. Yes, the optional travelers insurance protects you and your family if you have to cancel your vacation due to an unseen medical emergency, but do you know that it also protects you if you have to interrupt your vacation and depart early? What if Little Johnny ignores your pleas and decides that he is, in fact, quite ready to take on the bigger ski slope? An ambulance ride and a cast later, and you are very grateful that you opted to accept the travelers insurance! We proudly offer this to our guests, so please take a moment and ask your Reservationist to explain the policy to you when you are reserving your vacation home.

Easter Bunny!!
     Don’t forget that if you are in the area this weekend, The Deep Creek Discovery Center is once again hosting an egg dying session using all natural dyes. You just need to bring your own boiled eggs and they will help you with the rest. The Easter Bunny will also be there with treats and to take pictures with the kids! Definitely fun for the whole family!
     No matter what season you choose to visit us here at Deep Creek Lake, there is always something fun, new, and exciting to do! We can’t wait to see you at the lake!