Vacationing @ Deep Creek~ Local Style Part II

As I mentioned in my previous blog, my family decided to take a few days and really immerse ourselves in life around Deep Creek Lake. After spending days enjoying swimming and playing in the lake, we decided we needed a day of games and adventure. We started with a wonderfully delicious meal @ Smiley’s Fun Zone where we enjoyed dining out on the deck. Afterwards, we headed to the mini-golf course where things got a little competitive. I tried to rearrange my numbers in my favor but they quickly caught on when they realized that I was not making a hole in one for every hole! Afterwards, we headed over to the arcade and tried out some games. (I highly recommend that you try the virtual reality game that makes you feel as if you are propelling through the air on a roller coaster, airplane, etc. This big kid found it to be a blast and had to play it several times!)
Morning fog over Deep Creek Lake!
Our next stop was Wisp Resort which has a lot of cool, fun activities for all ages. We chose to take the scenic chair lift ride to the top and back. This is a “Must Bring Camera” event because the view that you see when you come down is truly one of the most breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Showcasing the McHenry Cove, the view actually stretches out for several miles creating a fantastic photo op! Of course after watching all of the people zip down the mountain on the mountain coaster and clearly loving it, we had to try that ride as well. Definitely a lot of fun and for wimps like me, you get to control the speed as you go down! We ended our adventure with a stop at Trader’s Coffee House where we all enjoyed fruit smoothies made with fresh fruit! In conclusion, we can easily see why Deep Creek is becoming “the place to vacation” ~ amazing scenery, cool and fun activities,  great places to dine and you can’t beat swimming in the lake on a hot summer day!
Garrett County Fair!
Labor Day is quickly approaching and homes are going quickly. Call Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations (1-866-351-1119 or go online and let one of our Reservationist help you choose the perfect home for you and your family. In the meantime, the Garrett County Fair is going on this week so I foresee lots of rides, games, and cotton candy in my future! We can’t wait to see you at the lake!


Vacationing @ Deep Creek Lake~ Local Style PART 1

Loving Lake Life!

With some extra time off this past week, my family and I decided that we wanted to “take advantage of our natural resources” and experience a mini-vacation here at home (aka Deep Creek Lake). Our first evening, we decided to take it easy and just enjoy dinner and a movie. We chose to eat at Uno’s Chicago Grill as it is one of our favorite lakefront dining options (come by boat or car!). There is something relaxing about dining out of the deck as you watch everyone playing on the lawn and in the lake. After a fabulous meal, we headed over to Garrett 8 Cinemas. While I can’t say too much for the actual movie we watched, we did embrace the comfort of the AC. The next day, it was time for some adventure. The boys and I packed our lunch and headed to the lake to spend some fun time in the water! Cannonballs, competitive dining, floating lazily on our rafts, I didn’t think I could ever convince my crew to leave. We did have a wonderful afternoon though. The lake can be so refreshing! Our next stop was to swing by the Lakeside Creamery for some ice cream cones! Made on the premises with all fresh ingredients, it is clearly easy to see why this is favorite destination of visitors and locals! Yum! Exhausted but content we left and headed home. Our shenanigans continued throughout the next few days where we attempted to cram as much fun as possible into our time off. Look for Part II where you will find out who conquered mini-golf, who tried to cheat @ mini-golf, and how we took some breathtaking pictures of the McHenry Cove as we rode the scenic chairlift at Wisp Resort.

Full Moon!

In the meantime, summer days are sailing by so now is the time to call and reserve your vacation rental home. Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations (1-866-351-1119; has many homes to choose from and our staff is always more than willing to assist you in finding the perfect home to fit your family and friends. In the meantime, we can’t wait to see you at the lake!

Fun times at Art in the Park!

Kids enjoying a demonstration!

Summer season is in full swing here in the mountains.  If you happen to be in the area this weekend, I suggest you head over to Deep Creek State Park and check out the annual “Art in the Park” that is being held there this weekend. Guests can wander around the grounds to the various tents and tables to check out the work of some of our local artists. The kids may enjoy some of the various nature programs that are going on throughout the day. Silent auctions and craft demonstrations will also be enjoyed throughout the weekend. Among the various arts available, you will find jewelry, woodwork, fused glass, paintings, furniture, baskets and more. Guests can arrive by foot, car, or boat (there is a small service fee for entrance into the park). Afterwards, take the kids down to the sandy beach area and let them swim and splash around in the water. The beach area boasts a mile of sandy beach and is roped off in the water. Various picnic tables are placed around the beach area making this a perfect spot for a picnic lunch. Art in the Park is definitely a family friendly event that you should consider checking out!

Cannon Ball!!
Gorgeous pottery for sale!
There are a lot of fun activities going on throughout the area over the next few months including the Garrett County Agricultural Fair beginning the week of July 27th. There are lots of fun games, rides, live music, food, and exhibits available to check out (Don’t forget the cotton candy; one of my favorite treats!). Call Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations today and let us help you find the perfect vacation home for you and your guests. In the meantime, we can’t wait to see you at the lake!