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A Land of Fun? How can you resist?

Most of the United States has been getting hit with a cold blast this week although for us here in the mountains, it hasn’t seemed like a drastic change as of yet. Wisp has been taking advantage of the cooler temps and currently have all snow guns fired up as they prepare for the weekend visitors that will be arriving. You don’t have to be a huge fan of the ski slopes to enjoy a visit to our area. Many of our homes offer an abundance of fun amenities. Find a home with a cozy, warm fireplace, a pool or game table, and a large screen TV and you can stay warm while watching the snow dance around outside.
 For the kids in your group, I suggest that you check out Funland which still opens on the weekends in the winter season. The moment that you walk inside, you get the sense of “Fun!” Video games are crying out begging to be played. What’s your favorite? I personally rule at Air Hockey and Skee Ball. Most of the games give you a chance to win tickets which can then be redeemed for some really cool prices such as candy or toys. If you are a frequent visitor to the area, you can cash your coupons in and keep the slip to add to the next time you stop in (this is great for those that want to work towards the big, special prizes!). It’s a very fun and relaxed environment and not so big that you need to worry about the kid’s wandering to far from a parent’s roaming eye. It’s also located right in the heart of McHenry so afterwards, you can stop in at one of the local dining establishments and feed the family. Funland has something to offer everyone in your group, regardless of age so make sure you check them out the next time you are in the area!
As the snow continues to fall, this is a great time to call in and ask about some of the phenomenal discounts and packages we are offering for your next mountain excursion. Call us @ Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations today and let us help you pick the perfect home for you and your friends and family (1-866-351-1119 or go online  We can’t wait to see you at the lake!