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Deep Creek Lake Hot Tubs Sales & Service

We’re excited to announce that we are now part of the Sundance Spas® family! We recently launched a hot tub sales division to serve home owners at Deep Creek Lake as well as residents of the surrounding tri-state area.

As an authorized dealer of Sundance Spas®, we can easily help you determine which hot tub model best fits your needs and budget.  Our team is certified to provide service for Sundance Spas products too.
Deep Creek Lake Hot TubsRight now we’re offering exceptional introductory rates, so it’s the perfect time to buy to get the best price.

Working with Sundance Spas®, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributer of acrylic spas, was a natural choice for us. With a vast selection and superior product, we can serve Deep Creek Lake vacation rental home owners as well as those looking for a spa for their private residence.

Deep Creek Lake hot tubs are a popular amenity in vacation rental properties. They are often requested by guests and can help increase your rental income. Certain models are better suited for vacation rental homes than others.

See the tubs that we recommend for a rental property.

If you are ready to discover the health and lifestyle benefits of owning a product that offers top-notch hydrotherapy, it’s time to have a chat with one of our experts. They can guide you through the process of choosing the right model and will explain the options to customize it to meet your needs. You will also get a good understanding of key features like energy-saving components, LED lighting, and stereo systems.

Relaxation, stress relief and the promotion of overall well-being contribute to balanced living for Sundance Spa® owners.

To get more information, call 1-866-351-1119, ext. 2 (ask for Sundance® Spa sales) or email