SavageMan Triathlon Quick Guide

In its 11th year, the 2017 SavageMan Triathlon Festival is September 16-17.  It’s a race that’s known for its beautiful scenery and intense challenges.  Competitors swim, bike, and run to prove they have what it takes to tackle the most “savage” triathlon in the world!SavageMan Triathlon

The SavageMan Triathlon consists of three separate races and is exciting for spectators and competitors alike.  Here’s what you need to know to make the most of your weekend:

All of the races begin in the morning with a swim at Deep Creek Lake State Park. The shoreline offers the perfect vantage point for spectators.

• After the swim, racers hop on their bikes to ride through miles of rugged terrain, rolling hills, and beautiful rural scenery.

Saturday races include the SavageMan 20.0 Sprint, SavageMan 30.0 International, and the SavageMan 50.0.

The legendary SavageMan 70.0 Half Ironman takes place Sunday. It is famous for steep grades including the “Westernport Wall”. You will find crowds gathered there to cheer on racers as they tackle the 31% grade. The block party atmosphere of this location makes it a lively spot to watch cyclists.

• The final portion of each race is a run that leads them back to the finishline at Deep Creek Lake State Park.

Deep Creek lodging fills up quickly for this popular weekend.  Whether you are participating in the race or simply coming for a lazy late summer weekend, be sure to search now for the best availability.

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