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5 Tips to Sell Your Home this Spring


Check out our 5 Tips to Sell Your Home this Spring to get a leg up on the competition. Set yourself up for success during this busy buying and selling season!


5 tips to sell your home this spring

hire a realtor

First and foremost, you should partner with a real estate professional. Look for someone who is a full-time agent. They will know the local market. Your agent can also do the heavy lifting when it comes to negotiating with buyers.

Ask them about their marketing strategy for your listing. You want it to appear on all of the major sites like Zillow, Trulia, etc. Be sure your home will be professionally photographed as well. If your home doesn’t show well in the photos, buyers won’t want to see it in person. You can ask to see examples of their print or online advertising for past listings. Social media should be part of their marketing strategy as well.

make sure the price is right

Setting the right price is a big determining factor in how quickly your home will sell. This is where a good sales agent can really help you out. They will help you set an appropriate, realistic price for your location. Overpriced homes might sit on the market for a long time. That could scare away potential buyers. Sometimes, the assumption is made that something is wrong with the house if it is an old listing.

Focus on Curb Appeal

After a long Deep Creek Lake winter, your home will need some outside attention to appeal to buyers. They often drive buy to take a peak at a property before scheduling a showing.

Clear out any dead landscaping, remove leftover fall leaves and trim trees. Pressure washing will clean that layer of winter grime off of your decks, paths and siding.

Repainting your front door, resurfacing your driveway, adding fresh mulch and planting flowers and shrubs can help to make a good first impression.

Complete Repairs

If you know something might catch the attention of a home inspector, go ahead and fix it. It just makes sense to complete repairs in advance. If a buyer requests it, you could end up spending more money. Using your preferred vendor will often get you a better price.

Consider updating things like the caulk and grout in your bathroom, outdated ceiling fans and light fixtures, and changing switch plates, doorknobs and hardware for a fresh appearance.

Think Spring….Cleaning

Clear out the clutter! Clean out closets, clear off countertops, take down family photos and remove unnecessary furnishings. Pay special attention to the entrance – it is the first thing potential buyers will see – and bathrooms. If you have a pet, clean the carpets and open windows to get rid of odors. Now is the time to wash your windows. If your home has scenic lake or mountain views, buyers will be drawn to them and will notice dirt. Be sure hardwood floors are polished to a shine.

This is also the time to take a hard look at your decor. Out-of-date wallpaper, bright colors or heavy drapes may not be appealing to buyers. If you choose to repaint, go with neutral colors. Utilize through pillows, bedding and towels to brighten up a space.

let Taylor-made give you a hand

Contact a Taylor-Made agent to take the first step towards selling your home this spring. Additionally, we offer a variety of property services to get your house “showing ready”. From lawn care and maintenance to housekeeping and hot tub servicing, we are a one-stop-shop.