New: Deep Creek Travel Insurance Update


Our new Deep Creek travel insurance allows you to make reservations with confidence. From illness and injury to weather and school schedule changes, there are a variety of situations that might affect your travel plans.


Deep Creek Travel Insurance

covered situations

We recently partnered with Rental Guardian. They offer Cancel for Any Reason coverage. If you cancel for a covered reason, they cover 100% of your reservation cost.

Covered reasons include (but are not limited to):
-A death in the family
-Required to work
-Extension of the school year

There are more than 30 covered reasons to cancel. Get more details on coverage.

cancel for any reason

Cancellations for any reason not covered by the policy will receive 70% reimbursement. (excludes NY and WA travelers) This option gives you peace of mind. Should something that is not covered arise, your financial risk is minimal.

This is especially valuable if the weather interferes with your activity plans. For example, skiers want fresh powder. When conditions aren’t optimal, you can choose not to come and receive partial reimbursement.

Start Planning your next Deep Creek vacation

We hope that nothing comes between you and your Deep Creek Lake vacation. However, life can be unpredictable and we want you to be protected.

Search for your vacation home now, and look forward to a fun and relaxing Deep Creek getaway.

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