Triple B BBQ – Local Love Business Spotlight

Triple B BBQ has rapidly become a favorite choice for all things barbecue in Garrett County! We’re kicking off our “Local Love” video series by highlighting their story. Jay Ferguson, sales agent and Taylor-Made real estate co-owner, sat down with Brent and Autumn Sanders to chat about how they got started and what’s new with Triple B BBQ.

Find Out What’s New with Triple B BBQ

How Triple B BBQ Got Started

Brent Sanders served in Operation Desert Storm as a member of the Navy. Upon his return, he worked for the Garrett County Sheriff’s Department for 21 years. With the encouragement of his father, he decided to pursue his passion for cooking. He and Autumn worked together to help out friends with small catering jobs. Word-of-mouth led to an increase in requests. To keep up with the volume, they purchased a barbecue trailer.

Triple B BBQ Today

Brent and Autumn just completed a new building with a barbecue kitchen at their home in Pleasant Valley. This will allow them to take on more events like family reunions, weddings and business luncheons. Future plans for the kitchen include offering take-out.

They also plan to set-up the barbecue trailer to more public locations throughout Garrett County. You can find out where they will be by following their Facebook page.

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5 Tax Benefits of Owning a 2nd Home

Tax benefits are definitely something to keep in mind if you are considering purchasing a second home at Deep Creek Lake. I put together some of the top tax breaks that you can use.

tax benefits

1.) Mortgage Interest – your mortgage interest is deductible up to $750,000 in combined total mortgages.  

2.) Home Improvements – you can deduct interest on a home equity or line of credit (there will be limits).

3.) Property Taxes – You can deduct your second home property taxes up to $10,000/year for all state and local taxes.

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January 2020 Real Estate Rundown By Jay Ferguson

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Mark Twain

My name is Jay Ferguson and I am one of the owners of the real estate division of Taylor Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales. I am entering my 19th year in the real estate business here in Garrett County and at Deep Creek Lake.If you are interested, you can click here find out more about me personally and my background.

I will be writing a monthly blog post about our local real estate market, sharing & interpreting statistics and offering some insights into the market as a whole…as I see it. These are my personal thoughts and musings about the market in general and are not intended as anything more specific. And, to be clear, I am an optimistic, glass half-full kind of guy.  

Lastly, every stat I reference is based on the official stats published by Bright MLS on or around the 15th of each month. My plan is to give you straightforward stats coupled with my analysis from the front lines and let you interpret what you read in your own way.

January 2020  – Two part stats update.

I will look back on 2019 as a whole first, and then see where we ended up for the month of December 2019.

2019 turned out to be a spectacular year on several fronts, as you can see from the chart below. ALL OF THESE NUMBERS ARE IMPRESSIVE:

-Our total sold volume was up 16% to nearly $190 million dollars county-wide.

-The average sales price was up 3.82% to $348,960

-There were 516 units sold vs 487 in 2018 – that’s an increase of 5.95%. That’s the most robust year we have had in a long time!

-Days on market were lower by 4.1%

-The average list-to-sale price was 90.3%

And for those of you who are curious, there were 126 cash deals were no financing was involved. That’s close to 25% of our transactions for the year. 320 deals used conventional financing and there were approximately 50 deals that were VA, FHA or USDA financing.

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Deep Creek Lake Real Estate: Why List with Us?

Deep Creek Lake real estate experts at Taylor-Made can guide you through the selling process from start to finish. You can rely on them for a successful outcome so that you are ready to make your next move. With decades of experience in the area, they know the finer points of the local market.

Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales started offering real estate services in 2014. In just a few short years, our team produced over $400 Million in sales for Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County home owners.

We want to show you that we are the best at the lake when it comes to the sale of your home. You can count on us to go the extra mile. 

Partner with a Taylor-Made agent, and you will always get the highest possible service at the best competitive price.

Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Marketing

We focus our marketing efforts on where the majority of buyers are searching. Using a variety of online channels in combination with tried-and-true print pieces, your listing gets the maximum exposure possible. 

Our in-house team also partners with experts in Google Ads so that we are driving qualified traffic to your listing on our site. receives more than 1.5 million website visits annually.

-Largest Facebook business audience in the Deep Creek Lake area. We maintain a primary profile with over 45K followers along with a real estate specific profile with an audience of 7K+.

-Email marketing database with 50K+ addresses.

-Strategic purchasing of TV ads in major markets with Comcast.

Staff Photographers Capture the Highlights of Your Home
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