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Vacation Safely: 4 Tips for Responsible Travel

With families ready to begin traveling and vacationing once more, the Taylor-Made team has some tips on how to have a safe vacation and be considerate of the community. We want to help keep everyone healthy!

1.Follow Government Guidelines

It’s important to observe and respect rules and regulations in place for public safety. This includes but is not limited to adhering to recommendations or rules set forth by local or national governments with regards to how we travel and conduct ourselves in private and public settings. Stay aware of regulations that might impact your travel to Deep Creek. This includes guidelines for personal protective equipment (PPE) recommendations and social distancing.

Our county health department asks that visitors:

-Practice social distancing

-Wear a face mask (required) in all retail stores to prevent the spread

-Wash hands or use hand sanitizer when visiting retail establishments

If you have questions regarding COVID-19 while visiting DCL you can call the Garrett County COVID-19 Hotline at 301-334-7698.

2. Bring Supplies

Many communities around the country have limited supplies in grocery stores. Please plan to bring essential supplies and groceries that you can to ease the burden on local stores. This includes paper products, PPE, toiletries and cleaning products, groceries, laundry supplies, and other essentials. By bringing more of these with you, you’re ensuring you’ll have what you need for an enjoyable vacation. If you do need to visit local grocery stores, try to only send one person into the store to support social distancing.

You can also get groceries delivered to reduce visits to local stores. Destination Grocers is just one of the options. This also allows you to spend more time vacationing and less time shopping.

3. Vacation Responsibly

Be respectful of current public safety concerns and be courteous to area residents and other visitors. Our area is in the beginning phases of reopening to travelers. Proper health and hygiene practices is key.

Your patronage is important to local businesses, but keep social distancing in mind. Abide by any special requests for spacing of seating or lines. During these times, it is also important to maintain a safe distance from large groups and limit your time in crowded spaces. When visiting state parks, make sure there is ample space between you and other groups.

4. Leave the Outdoors Better than You Found Them

As always, it’s important to keep the outdoor environment clean. Disposable PPE is being heavily used right now. Proper disposal is important to preventing the transfer of germs. This also includes following the instructions posted in your vacation rental home for trash disposal.

In Closing

We are excited to welcome you to the lake! It may not be quite the same as some of your past vacations, but you can still count on lots of fun and many happy memories!