Lake Access Lots Listed to Benefit Habitat for Humanity

Lake access lots were recently listed with Taylor-Made by Garrett County Habitat for Humanity. They were generously donated to Habitat and proceeds of the sale benefit the organization minus tax and buyer agency coop commission. Our sales team has represented them several times over the years, and we are happy to donate our services to such a worthy organization. Taylor-Made will not take a commission. Our sister company, Lake Title, will also handle the settlement at cost. 

Jay Ferguson is a Habitat for Humanity board member as well as a sales agent and co-owner of Taylor-Made’s real estate division. He is overseeing the sale along with Bryan Chaney and Autumn McDaniel.

About the 5 Lake Access Lots

Located just off Glendale Road, the lots are located in the Meadow Mountain Run community. This neighborhood is a nature lover’s dream! It has seven acres of common area along with a community dock for non-motorized boats. The parklike setting has stunning natural features including ferns, boulders, trees, and streams. At the lake access area, you can canoe, kayak, fish, or simply enjoy the view. Plus, you are within less than 1.5 miles from Deep Creek Lake State Park.

Michelle Drive, Lot #10
3.62 Acres, Listed at $29,900
Lake Access Lots
Michelle Drive, Lot #12
1.51 Acres, Listed at $29,900
Lake Access Lots Deep Creek Lake
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Taylor-Made Gives Back: Recent Donations to Garrett County Organizations

Taylor-Made donations

Taylor-Made donations recently supported a variety of local organizations. They faced significant challenges due to the COVID-19 crisis. Many area organizations were not able to hold major fundraisers in 2020. The ability to do so in 2021 remains uncertain.

Our company has a long tradition of community involvement. It is a key component of our culture. As a family owned and locally operated business, we are committed to supporting the organizations that make Garrett County a great place to live.

Recently, Taylor-Made donations were given to several organizations in our area.

Donation to Garrett Regional Medical Center

-$25,000 was donated to Garrett Regional Medical Center. Now more than ever, we are grateful for the hard working staff at our local hospital.

Donation to Southern and Northern High School Athletics

-$10,000 was donated to both Southern and Northern High School athletics

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Real Estate Market Predictions for 2021

Real estate market predictions

Real estate market conditions are affected by a wide variety of factors. Despite the difficulties presented by the pandemic, the market was strong nationally and in the Deep Creek Lake area.

While we don’t have a crystal ball that shows the future with certainty, we do have some real estate market predictions for 2021 courtesy of Realty Biz News.

2021 Real Estate Market Predictions from Realty Biz News

The U.S. economy will see recovery in 2021. The National Bureau of Economic Research defines a recession as “a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales.” After reviewing factors that indicate a recession, the data suggests that 2021 will generally see positive increases in the economy.

Buyer demand will continue to grow. With the return of economic stability and increases in personal incomes, the number of first-time home buyers will rise. This will create more competition for desirable homes and upward trends in home prices. 

Positive factors that fuel demand include continued population growth, rebounding personal income rates, and improving consumer confidence. President-Elect Joe Biden has proposed a $15,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers, which, if passed, will further spur buyer demand.

Mortgage interest rates will remain low. The National Association of Realtors expects that 30-year, fixed mortgage rates will remain stable or slightly increase in 2021 from the 50-year low of 2.71% in 2020.

Housing supply will lag. As sellers become more comfortable opening their homes to buyers, there will be a rise in available listings. However, new home construction is expected to be restrained due to “a shortage of lots, labor and building materials,” according to National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Chairman Chuck Fowke. Affordability and the gap in the cost of living across the U.S. will continue to be a problem, especially in areas where housing is in high demand and fewer new homes are being built.

Home buyers will move to the suburbs. The long standing trend of moving from rural areas to the city is changing. More people are leaving cities due to high costs and aging infrastructure. Additionally, the pandemic provided the ability for many people to work from home. More people are retreating to suburbs and rural areas, something that will likely continue in 2021.

House size will continue to grow. The average single-family home size in America almost doubled in the last century to more than 2,430 square feet in 2020, even as the average number of people living in a house fell from 4.54 people to 2.58 people. On the other hand, the typical rental unit size in a metropolitan area shrank by 5%, though rents increased by 28%. These dynamics drive the appeal of suburban and rural residence for city dwellers. Another factor of the growth of house sizes is the possibility of making more profit on a home sale.

Technology access and use will be necessary home features. Advances in technology have changed the ways Americans work, play, learn, and communicate. Houses in neighborhoods or areas that lack access to high-speed internet are increasingly avoided by new home buyers. 

Buying and selling a home traditionally requires significant physical effort, time, and expense to locate potential candidates, negotiate transaction terms, and process closings. Today’s home buyers and sellers have access to extensive information about city and neighborhood demographic information, specific houses for sale, and market prices without leaving their homes. 

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Summer 2021 Vacations – Don’t Wait to Book!

summer 2021 vacations

Summer 2021 vacations at Deep Creek Lake are in demand! Many families typically reserve their Deep Creek Lake summer vacation rental in January. They wait until after the busy holiday season. Most of Taylor-Made’s summer reservations were made in January in years past. This year, we are seeing a different trend. Many families have already made their summer 2021 vacation plans. When comparing this year to the past, we have more reservations for next summer than ever before.

Start Planning Your Summer 2021 Vacations

Here are three reasons why you should book now to save your spot at Deep Creek Lake.

A Deep Creek Lake vacation is the ultimate gift. The pandemic caused a lot of people to miss out on their annual summer vacation with family. Spending time together and making memories is invaluable. This holiday season, give your favorite people a fun and relaxing vacation that they can look forward to. 

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December 2020 Real Estate Rundown By Jay Ferguson

Deep Creek Lake Real Estate

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Mark Twain

My name is Jay Ferguson and I am one of the owners of the real estate division of Taylor Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales. I am entering my 19th year in the real estate business here in Garrett County and at Deep Creek Lake. If you are interested, you can click here find out more about me personally and my background.

I will be writing a monthly blog post about our local real estate market, sharing & interpreting statistics and offering some insights into the market as a whole…as I see it. These are my personal thoughts and musings about the market in general and are not intended as anything more specific. And, to be clear, I am an optimistic, glass half-full kind of guy.  

Lastly, every stat I reference is based on the official stats published by Bright MLS on or around the 15th of each month. My plan is to give you straightforward stats coupled with my analysis from the front lines and let you interpret what you read in your own way.

Look back at the last 6 months of real estate sales, the Garrett County area squeezed almost two years of sales into a few summer months and the results are shocking. I personally experienced a level of activity that I have never witnessed in my 21 years of real estate sales. In speaking with other agents in the lake area and even across the region, they were all reporting the same thing – real estate was on fire. There truly were not enough hours in the day to answer all of the questions and keep up with the activity. The market has now slowed down enough now to look back on the summer/fall season of 2020 and share some insights and try to make sense of what happened. And it bears stating, the only reason that the market has slowed down is because homeowners stopped listing properties for sale. More on that later.

Who was/is buying?

-Traditional vacationers who have experienced & love Deep Creek Lake & Garrett County

-Investors looking at rising rental rates

-Tele-commuters and remote workforce

-Re-locating families

-Buyers coming from a much farther distance – New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Texas!

The first two categories are what we are used to. People who have vacationed here and know the area and have been planning to buy here one day or retire here – and buyers interested in leveraging their vacation home into a rental property. That is who typically fuels our market. The interesting thing to note is that other types of buyers were purchasing here, as well, and that’s where the inventory issues started to set in.

If you work from home now or only need to visit the office sporadically, that is a fundamental life change for a lot of folks. For the first time, though, I think a lot of people started to realize that they can live almost anywhere now, so why not look around for a more suitable option. Garrett County checked that box for a lot of people. Part of this group includes buyers who were coming here for the first time – albeit out of necessity. It is not uncommon to see New York, New Jersey and Connecticut license plates here, but now there a lot more of them.

There were also people who were capitalizing on the hot real estate market (back home) and selling their primary home to permanently re-locate to Garrett County. This one intrigues me the most, as Garrett County didn’t need to land a new Amazon distribution center or add a huge factory to bring these folks to the area. No, these people moved here because the perception was its safer and they could still keep a higher paying job in the city. A silver lining of the pandemic is that people now can live where they love – and DCL has a lot to love, apparently!

If you combine this with our booming vacation rental market – which was nearly 100% capacity for most of the summer – it drove more traffic to our area than EVER before and I think a lot of people realized just how rewarding owning here could be. Record profits for homeowners. Homes rented back to back ALL summer long. With all of these people in town, homes sold at such a breakneck pace that we have quite literally run out of properties to sell. The figures below put this in context. A ‘normal’ month in Garrett County is 25-30 property sales, higher in the summer months when more people are here. May 2020 was artificially low because of the stay at home orders. You can see what happened when the restrictions were lifted.

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Deep Creek Lake Shopping & Dining: Tips for Small Business Saturday

deep creek lake shopping

Do some Deep Creek Lake shopping or order takeout on Small Business Saturday – the day after Black Friday! It is a great opportunity to  support small businesses. Deep Creek Lake shopping gives you a chance to get one-of-a-kind items from your favorite place. Pick up holiday gifts or something special for yourself!

I put together a guide to shopping small when you are on a Deep Creek Lake vacation. Supporting “mom and pop” businesses doesn’t have to be limited to Small Business Saturday. These are fun places to browse and buy throughout the year!

If you are tired of leftover turkey, you can support area restaurants by ordering takeout. Here’s a list of favorite spots with tasty treats that you can get to go: Takeout Guide

Keep in mind that masks are required in all public spaces in Maryland and capacity is reduced to 50%. Always practice social distancing and good hand hygiene. Some locations may have changed their hours of operation so consider calling before you head out.


High Mountain Sports
21327 Garrett Highway, Oakland, MD 21550

Bear Creek Traders
24586 Garrett Hwy, McHenry, MD 21541

Gourmet and More
1550 Deep Creek Drive Suite E, McHenryMD 21541

Schoolhouse Earth
1224 Friendsville Road, Friendsville MD 21531

The Tourist Trap
19895 Garrett Highway, OaklandMD 21550

Sacred Ground
20294 Garrett Hwy, Oakland, MD 21550

The Copper Kettle Popcorn Factory
20294 Garrett Hwy, Oakland, MD 21550

Outdoor Elements at Wisp Resort
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Where to Get Thanksgiving Dinner at Deep Creek

thanksgiving dinner at deep creek

Wondering where to get Thanksgiving dinner at Deep Creek?

If you are heading to the lake for the Thanksgiving holiday, you might want to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the area with family and friends. Keep in mind, indoor dining is currently restricted to 50% capacity and masks are required.

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Late Fall Activities at Deep Creek Lake

Late Fall Activities

Life at the lake has a slower pace during late fall. There is a chill in the air, but you can still enjoy the outdoors and there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied.

Late Fall at the Lake

Cove Run Farm Corn Maze
Find your way through the corn maze! It is located within a short drive from the Deep Creek Lake area. This is a fun, family friendly activity that is also affordable. Weather permitting, it is open through November 1.

S’mores Outdoors
Reserve a home with an outdoor fire pit, and make s’mores under the stars. This is a “must do” for any mountain vacation. All you need are graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars.

Local Shops
From antiques to Deep Creek Lake souvenirs, there are lots of local shops where you can browse or buy.

Area State Parks
Hiking, biking, and checking out the beautiful scenery are some of the best ways to enjoy our state parks.

Take Time to Unwind
Everyday life can be stressful. A trip to Deep Creek Lake is a chance to relax and reconnect with the important people in your life. Whether you are looking for a romantic escape or a family retreat, you can leave the real world behind and savor life on “mountain time”.

Start planning your late fall getaway today!

Garrett County Winters Past

garrett county winters

Garrett County winters are well-known. Located in the Allegheny Mountain range of the Appalachians, its microclimate strongly contrasts with Maryland’s otherwise temperate conditions. Dead on the path of Lake Erie’s snow belt, the area is known for its cold winters and steady snow dumps. In terms of snow days per year, Garrett County has been one of the snowiest areas east of the Rockies and can surpass much of New England in overall snowfall.  Throughout the area’s history, the harsh winter weather has played a major role in the lives of visitors and residents alike. 

Garrett County Winters Past

In 1736, the first English settlers to ever visit present-day Garrett County arrived via the Potomac in early December.  The party of seventeen surveyors and assistants was sent by the king of England to determine the boundaries for the northwestern corner of the great Northern Neck land tract. 

They encountered every kind of weather – bitter cold, rain, sleet and, of course, snow.  The winter weather proved harsher than they expected.  As their supplies dwindled, they faced certain starvation.   In their desperation, members of the party decided it necessary to kill and eat one of their own surveyors.  John Savage was the unlucky candidate – deemed “the most worthless member of their party” due to his failing eyesight.  Fortunately, supplies arrived in the nick of time and saved his life.  The river near their campsite was named Savage in his honor.  It was the first geographic feature of the area to receive an Englishman’s name. 

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Autumn Glory 2020: Festival & Event Update

Autumn Glory 2020 will continue the tradition of celebrating the beauty of fall, but it will have a different look this year. Due to COVID-19 and out of an abundance of caution, many events have been cancelled. However, there are some that will still take place in their regular fashion or slightly modified.

Autumn Glory has long been a favorite Deep Creek Lake area festival. It was named the number one fall festival in the world by MSN. Garrett County has also been listed as a top fall destination by Good Housekeeping, TripAdvisor, and U.S. News and World Reports.

Autumn Glory 2020 Weekend Events

The festival will be held October 7-11. The Fireman’s Parade and Grand Feature Parade are both cancelled.

Below is a list of events and activities that are currently scheduled for Autumn Glory 2020:

Autumn Glory Craft & Gift Sale on Saturday, October 10 & Sunday, October 11 (Fairgrounds in McHenry)
• The Chamber’s Autumn Glory Float Contest on Saturday, October 10 at 11AM
Oakland’s Celebration of Autumn Glory on Saturday, October 10 – includes live music, puppet shows, and more.
Farmers Market & Craft Show Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday (Pavilion in downtown Oakland)
Autumn Glory Art Market at Deep Creek Pottery Friday, Saturday, & Sunday starting at 10AM
Turkey Trail Dinners held daily at local restaurants
Octoberfest at Shrimp on the Barbie Saturday at 3PM
• Special Autumn Glory Weekend Sales and Discounts at local businesses
Autumn Glory at Woodlake antiques and home decor Friday, October 9 and Saturday, October 10 at 10AM
• SEYMOUR: Virtual Marketplace
Corn Maze at Cove Run Farm in Accident
Two Fall Foliage Heritage Driving Tours
Wisp Resort’s Autumn Glory Weekend Activities
Autumn Glory Wildlife Day Sunday, October 11 starting at 9:30AM in Friendsville. Reservations are required – call 301-746-4083.

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