A new reason to love Wednesdays!!

To most people, Wednesday’s simply mean hump day. The day that puts you further away from Monday and closer to the weekend. Here, at Deep Creek Lake, Wednesday’s actually signifies more than that. It signifies an evening of casual yet elegant ambience. A night to indulge with a large selection of delectable, gourmet cuisine . A night to create a feast to your specific desires without the painstaking work of actually preparing it. Yes, that’s right, folks. We are talking about Pasta Mania night at The Four Seasons Restaurant. If you have never dined at the Four Seasons, I strongly recommend that you check it out. The restaurant itself is fashioned in elegant décor with votive candles accenting the tables. Offering some of the finest lakefront dining in the area, guests can enjoy their meal while taking in the exquisite lake and mountain views. Their menu consists of everything from steak and seafood to yummy appetizers such as calamari and Thai scallops. On Pasta Mania night, they set up a large buffet style station where guests get to choose their own pasta meal. By choose, I mean they offer a variety of different noodles, sauces, and toppings (lots of fresh veggies included). Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations employees and employers ventured out for a night on the town last Wednesday to check out the selection and I must say, we have nothing but positive things to say. The food was absolutely divine; the customer service stellar, and a great time was had by all. In the meantime, slopes are open, the sun is shining, and it is a great time to call for some fabulous last minute deals on your perfect vacation home. In the meantime, we can’t wait to see you at the lake!

Recently, nature decided to cooperate with us and brought to the mountaintop some very much coveted snow!! Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts have been flockingly happily to Wisp Resort to get their snow groove on! I, on the other hand, decided to celebrate the holiday with some exciting indoor activity. Bowling!! Still lots of fun with way less chance of falling on my rear! The family and I gathered some good pals and headed to Par-Matt Lanes Bowling alley in Oakland for a day of competitive fun. (****See photo of silly boys being, well, silly! The best way to be, somedays, if you ask me!!) If you haven’t been there in awhile, you should stop in and check out some of the recent upgrades they have made to their lanes. They have made them more kid-friendly by putting up barriers in the gutters to avoid gutter balls. I must admit that I was tempted to use them but refrained. They also keep the kitchen running throughout the day and evening, offering everything from pizza to burgers, wings, nachos, etc. I personally give a big thumbs up with the hot wings! They are delish. If you are looking for some good old fashioned family fun, then I recommend you check out Par-Matt Lanes.
If you are looking for something with a little more flair to it, then you may want to check the McHenry Highland Festival’s annual Robert Burns Supper held this Saturday the 21st at Dutch’s at Silver Tree. Every year, Scots around the world and in Garrett County, gather together to celebrate the birth of Robert Burns, author of many Scot poems. They celebrate his life with entertainment such as readings of his poems and of course, bagpipes. Scottish delicacies such as Sheppard’s pie, shortbread, and haggis (I will let you google this one on your own. It’s sounds very, ummm, interesting). Of course, let’s not forget the whisky tasting (I have to wonder if this is a direct result of the haggis!) Tickets are only a mere $45 per person and can purchased on the McHenry Highland Festivals website, attached on here. Sounds like a guaranteed good time! Reports of fresh snow is on the way so be sure to call Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations for some great last minute deals on your vacation home! In the meantime, see you around the lake!!

Just shopping for the BEAR necessities!

Entering the month of January, finds life in the mountains to be all good. Temperatures are comfortable, the snow has finally arrived (with more to come this week) and life as we know has returned to normal. I decided to reward myself for surviving the holidays with a little shopping excursion. I decided to check out Bear Creek Trader’s located in Market Fresh Square in McHenry. When I walked into the shop, I was immediately in awe of the vast selection that was before it. If you need it, it is most likely here. The store boasts a spectacular arrangement of Deep Creek memorabilia, from key chains, jewelry, totes, towels, and the list goes on. It’s also an awesome place to shop for home décor with original and unique vases, wall clocks, signs, mirrors, and more. As most of us do when we go on vacation, we tend to forget to pack something. Need ski gloves for the slopes? Forget your beach towel or sunscreen? Maybe your visiting and plan to attend a baby shower but forgot the gift (hey, it could happen). Well, worry not, Bear Creek Traders offers all of this. They have wonderful kids’ displays throughout the shop as well. There is an area where the kids can pick out an arrangement of Deep Creek Rocks to take home as a souvenir or a row of really unique kid’s toys. If your glutton for punishment and really want to sugar them up then allow the kids to carouse the old fashioned candy counter. (Temptation is a weakness of mine and I gave in and got the huge pixie straw stick. I used to love these as a kid and believe it or not, the sugar rush is equally fun as an adult!) They also have a very impressive assortment of candles and candle décor. If you stop in soon, you can also take advantage of the After-Holidays special. I saw a lot of beautiful Christmas ornaments/ decorations that were marked 50% off. So, if you’re out and about and looking to shop local with a humungous variety of items, I suggest you check out Bear Creek Traders. Otherwise, don’t forget to contact Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations for your Martin Luther King holiday getaway. The snow if fresh, the air is crisp, and we can’t wait to see you here at the lake.

Last Tuesday evening, the employees and employers of Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations celebrated their annual Holiday company party at Dutch’s at Silver Tree restaurant. A fabulous evening was had by all! This was my first time in the restaurant since it opened earlier this year although I had been hearing nothing but rave reviews from everyone. Our party was held downstairs in the lower level next to the bar. They had it cheerfully decorated for the holidays which added a wonderful ambience to the already festive atmosphere. We began our party with some sincere and heartfelt thanks from our employers. Chad, then in return, decided to be Chad and poke fun of the whole gang with his homemade videos. I have to give kudos where kudos are due. They were hilarious (check out some of them on our facebook page) but also very heartfelt. We had a buffet of food that was to die for. The prime rib was delish and everyone told me repeatedly that the twice baked potatoes were awesome (that’s what I get for trying to stay away from the carbs!). I also want to say what a fabulous job Dutch’s waiting staff did that evening. They were very on top of everything from refilling the water glasses, cleaning off dishes, or just getting you anything you needed. We concluded the holiday party with our annual Yankee Swap. It was a great deal of fun and it’s always interesting to see what you are going to take home with you. Perfect food, perfect setting, and perfect company made it a spectacular evening! Thanks once again to Dutch’s for your top notch service and to Joe, Jodi, and Chad for being the wonderful employers that you are! We are truly lucky to be part of such a wonderful team! In the meantime, as Wisp continues to crank out the fluffy goodness, we continue to fervently wish for snow (which seems to be working at the moment!), we look forward to seeing you at the lake!

You can have your (free) cake and eat it too! Happy Birthday Wisp!

After some beguiling weather, Mother Nature finally succumbed and realized that December + Garrett County = Snow! Lots of the wet, fluffy stuff blanketed the region on Thursday and I must say, it’s definitely breathtaking! Of course, this came just in the nick of time, as the ski enthusiasts are anxiously awaiting a turn to tackle the mountain. Next week marks the 56th birthday celebration of Wisp Resort! Hard to believe that back in the year 1955, what others saw as a simple cow pasture, was another man’s vision of something else entirely. Helmuth Heise opened the first ski trail, The Face, that year. It was accessible through a rope tow and one little log cabin served as the main lodge. Today, Wisp has 32 trails and 7 chairlifts! The official opening day is Saturday the 17th. Wisp will celebrate their birthday with significantly discounted lift tickets, rentals, and lessons, entertainment, games and even complimentary cake (you can’t go wrong with free cake!!) If you are like me and lack the ability to even stand on skis, let alone actually ski, don’t forget the snow tubing park and ice skating rink. There is definitely something for everyone. If you haven’t booked your winter getaway with Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations, then now is the time do us. Make sure you check out our e-brochure, http://www.deepcreekvacations.com/ for a full listing of all of our homes. As always, we are offering some fantastic ski packages so make sure you call to get the details. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you on the slopes!

A Partridge in a Pear Tree…..

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. You are stuffed, have had your fix of football, and now what? Well, if you are a bargain shopper and competitive by nature, than Black Friday shopping is always an option. However, if you are visiting Deep Creek Lake over the holiday and looking for something a little more “family friendly” and less sportsman-like, than I highly recommend you check out Garrett County’s annual Festival of Trees event. An event that benefits our local Dove Center (http://www.garrettdovecenter.org/), guests of the event get the unique opportunity to stroll through exquisitely decorated Holiday trees, wreaths, swags, table decor, and gingerbread houses! A magical walk through a true winter wonderland, if you will. Events held throughout the festival include breakfast with Santa Claus, unique arts & crafts, a live and silent auction, and Kris Kringle karaoke (sponsored, of course, by our very own local DJ talent Johny Rock (ttp://www.jonnyrock.com/) I also heard that Jennifer Christophel from Western Maryland Dance and Jessica’s Dance Creations will also be present. Hmm, still not sure? Did I mention that Lakeside Creamery would be there to help you create your own sundae(http://lakesidecreamery.com/)! and a sale of homemade bakery goods is also available?
This is truly a chance to shop for some unique, extremely cool, Deep Creek Lake mementos for family and friends. Again, mentioning that all proceeds benefit a very worthwhile and truly notable charity, The Garrett Dove Center! Please schedule a day of good old fashioned family fun and check out a new tradition with a visit to this festival! Please check out their website for a full listing of the event’s full agenda.

Say Cheese!!!

Last week Jodi, Linda, and I took advantage of the warmer weather and headed out of the office for a field trip excursion. We found ourselves in Accident to check out Firefly Farms, a new establishment that recently opened. What a charming little shop! Specializing in artisanal goat cheeses (made mostly in house), here you can purchase delicacies such as cheese, crackers, jams, spreads, wine, and more. We met with owner, Andrea, who was kind enough to show us around and let us sample some of their fantastic cheeses (although they were all wonderful, I was particularly fond of the Allegheny Chevre).
The shop was designed so that visitors could observe the cheese making process through the large windows. They have plans in the near future for visitors to be able to actually take tours of the facility and to hear an in depth description of the cheese making process. Although you are now able to sample the cheeses and some jams, in the future they will also be doing some wine tasting at the shop as well. While in the shop, although you cannot miss it, please take time to check out the gorgeous mural on the wall that was painted and designed by renowned local artist, Mark Stutzman (most famous for his rendition of a young Elvis Presley on the US postage stamp.) It adds a wonderful serene ambience to the already quaint looking shop.
I highly recommend that the next time you are coming to the lake that you stop into the shop and check it out. Located on Main Street, it is impossible to miss. Say hello to Andrea, sample some cheese & crackers, and check out their assortment of other delicious appetizers. It is definitely worth the trip. Until next week, we can’t wait to see you at the lake!

Ice, Ice, Baby

So, as you are driving down Rt.219, traveling through Garrett County, you may catch a glimpse of some little tents sporadically spread across Deep Creek Lake. Garrett Countians, being the resourceful folk that they are, have found yet another way to turn Deep Creek Lake into recreational use. We call this ice fishing and it is a very popular wintertime activity here in the mountains. Why would one choose to sit out in the cold and fish? For the goods, that’s why. Largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, yellow perch, chain pickerel, bluegill and pumpkinseed sunfish can all be found, according to the State Park’s website. Because the ice generally does not get thicker than 8-10 inches, a hand held auger can be used to create your hole. Some local vendors in our area even rent out the necessary equipment needed. Many people find it a peaceful way to enjoy the fresh outside air and the tents, although not necessary, do help to block out the some of the wind. To learn more about this wintertime activity, click on the link below. Otherwise, we’ll see on the lake (literally…) . Please make sure you check with the local bait shops to see if and where it is safe to go out on the lake to ice fish.