A Taylor-Made Shout Out!!

Gary chilling with his dog Theo!
As we here at Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales prepare for another exciting summer season, we sometimes need to step back and acknowledge all of the hard work and dedication that our employees give in order to make that happen. Today we give a big heads up and shout out to Gary Paugh who was recently promoted to Maintenance Supervisor. Gary is a retired Army Veteran who proudly served our country for 23 years! He came to the Taylor-Made family on April 12, 2010 and has continued to “WOW!” since then. Under this new title and responsibility, Gary will oversee the other maintenance technicians. One of his top priority duties will be seeing to the completion of what we call “Service Orders”. What does this mean? A good example would be that our inspectors are out preparing their homes for a guest’s arrival and they notice that the outdoor porch light is out but a ladder is required. They call this in and it is entered in as a “Service Order” to be completed before the arrival. Gary helps to follow up with the assigned technician to make sure this is completed. Is there something in the house that requires a special order or part? Gary is our “Go To” on finding the long term solution or repair. His helpful demeanor and pleasant attitude makes him easily approachable for help or just to work with in general. Gary has won many “Customer Service” games and awards that Taylor-Made has had over the past several years including being named the winner of our summer “Hunger Games” challenge 2012 in which he won the grand prize of a 32 inch flat screen TV! Gary’s goals with Taylor-Made are long term as he believes he will eventually retire from here. When asked what his favorite thing is about working at Taylor-Made, Gary will tell you that he enjoys working for a family oriented company and that he gets along very well with all of his co-workers. His job changes day to day and he is able to keep busy which makes coming to work every day a new adventure. So, a big Thank You to Gary for all that you do for us! We are so lucky to have you and Congrats on your new position as Maintenance Supervisor!
Beautiful Day @ The Lake!
Gorgeous weather here at Deep Creek Lake over the past few weekends makes now the perfect time to get in that last minute trip before summer officially kicks off. Go online or call us here at Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales (www.deepcreekvacations.com or 1-866-351-1119!) and let us help you find that perfect Deep Creek home! We can’t wait to see you at the lake!

Behind the Scenes Look: TMDCV Laundry Department

The processing of laundry is a critical element of the vacation experience that is often taken for granted. Check out the following behind-the-scenes look at the Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations laundry department:

In one year, Taylor-Made processes over 100,000 pounds of sheets, blankets and comforters and folds over 25,000 towels. The staff of 4 takes care of the washing, drying, folding and pressing of each piece of laundry to help prepare each home and the many beds that are made over 25,700 times in a year.

There are three 50 pound washing machines, two 75 pound dryers and a pressing machine to make up the in-house laundry department. The soiled laundry is loaded into the washer and a selection is made on the chemical station as to the amount of bleach, alkaline and/or detergent necessary for each load. Then, an hour later, the items are ready to be dried or pressed. 

Chemical Guide for Wash

The flat items such as sheets and pillowcases are processed through a press that heats to 365° to automatically dry, press and fold in less than 20 seconds. The other items are put into one of the two dryers that take approximately 40 minutes to run.

Once the dryer items are complete, there team says there will often be, literally, a 10’ high cart to be folded in the afternoon.

King Bedsheets

The clean and folded items are then organized by size and type. There are folded items on selves divided into king, queen, full, and twin sheets, pillowcases, regular towels, hand towels, washcloths, and bath mats.

This process is non-stop and, depending on the season, between 16-24 loads will be completed in an 8 hour shift.

To prepare the laundry to be taken to the homes, bags are then packaged with a standard 18 towel items in each and then adjusted based on specifics for each home. Separate bags are also prepared for the remaining linens according to the number and size of beds in each home.

Each morning the staging area will be lined with numerous sets of towels and bedding for each home. The housekeepers will take the laundry to the homes and return the soiled linens back to our laundry department. Then, the process repeats again; our laundry department operates 7 days a week.

Ready for the Homes

When you take advantage of some of the amazing discounts and last minute specials we currently have, be sure to thank the ladies in the laundry department for their hard work! Call now to speak to one of our Reservationists and book your next vacation today! 866-351-1119

Cindy and Dawn Demonstrate the Pressing Machine