You’re Invited!!

Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations would like to once again remind and invite everyone to join us tomorrow for our Grand Opening of our new office @ 35 Towne Centre Way! From 6-8 pm, we are inviting the public to join us in celebrating this wonderful milestone for our company.
    Back in 2008, owners Chad Taylor and Jodi & Joe Refosco took the bold move to open their own vacation rental company, and thus Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations was born. They began that journey with one single property and worked inside a 3 room office. As time went by, they added walls to accommodate the growing number of employees until finally in May 2012, we had the need to officially move to a bigger space. As owners, they were brought up in the customer service industry, working in all in-house positions at some point (to this day, if beds need made, hot tubs need serviced, or even if a guest has a computer issue, our homeowners are quick to step up and do anything and everything needed to ensure top notch customer service!)
     A family run business, many employees have worked with Joe, Jodi, & Chad before the opening of Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations. We have come to pride ourselves on the relaxed and fun atmosphere that both employees and owners bring to the office every day. In 2010, Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations was awarded “Best in Class in Customer Service” by Vacation Rental Managers Association, the national association for the vacation rental industry. We feel that this is a direct result of working in such a pleasant and entertaining atmosphere.

     In joining us tomorrow evening, you will have the opportunity to tour both our main office and maintenance office, which also houses our laundry department. Delectable appetizers from various local restaurant vendors will be served along with beverages. Take a tour, learn some fun facts about our company, and basically just enjoy a relaxed evening among family and friends. We can’t wait to see you at the lake!

One Last Summer Fling…

Oh, August, why must you leave us? Yes, I did slightly rant about this last week but it just seems slightly unfair. March creeps by and August, the extremely fun month, just sails by. Ho Hum… Labor Day is quickly approaching, so I highly recommend that you call us now to get in on some fantastic last minute deals. “Stay 3 nights for the Price of 2” is now being offered on all of our vacation homes. A great deal! www.deepcreekvacations.comor  call us @ 1-866-351-119 ( we are beyond available as our phone lines stay open every night until 9 pm!)

     So, what would one do over the holiday? If you are not playing in the lake or hiking @ one of the local state parks, I would also highly recommend checking out Wisp Resort. They offer a variety of super cool summer activities such as the mountain coaster, panoramic chair lift rides, zip-line tours, golf, and so much more. Check them out online @ www.wispresort.comor give them a call for availability @ 301-387-4000! Definitely worth checking it out!
      Sales galore will be going on as well. Stop by High MountainSports for their Gigantic Labor Day Sale! Lots of bargains on ski/ snowboarding equipment! They also offer boat tours of the lake, canoe/ kayak rentals, and dock slip rentals…just ask them, they probably offer it!
      Looking for something completely different? Something that you can go home and say “Hey, guess what amazing thing we did?” Experience life far from hectic, far from city, extremely peaceful and breathtaking in scenery. Pleasant Valley Dream Rides give guests the chance to stroll through the exquisite Amish country known as Pleasant Valley. Ray, the proprietor, provides a bevy of things to check out. Looking for a romantic carriage ride through the country or taking a family tour of a working Amish farm, they can help you out. For the photographer in the group, definitely bring the camera!
     I would like to give a little “shout out” to my girl, Lakeecha! I hooked her up for her Labor Day home and I think that she and her pals will have a blast. My first renter that made the connection that I write this blog and She Reads It!! (and likes it!!)  She completely made my day. I love hooking our guests up with all the inside info!
     Last minute deals, awesome staff ready to answer all of your Deep Creek questions, what more can we do? (Tell us… we will certainly try!) Labor Day… 2 weeks away! Call us now because we can not wait to see you on the lake!

I think it’s FAIR to say….

      Astounding that we are already at the end of July. Summer days always seem to fly by just a little to fast. Now, is a great time to plan a last minute getaway to Deep Creek Lake. There are an abundance of activities to choose from, and the words, “I’m Bored” are completely inconceivable! For the first time that I can remember, the Garrett County’s Agricultural Fair (56th this year!) is actually being held in July! They’ve done an awesome job vamping up their website, where you can now view a full itinerary of the fair’s events, see the rides, look up the food vendors, etc. It’s extremely helpful. ( ) I, of course, am planning on going on Thursday say around 5-ish, in the high hope of hearing “Breaker One! Breaker One! I might be crazy but I ain’t dumb” and to catch sight of The General Lee!! Oh yes, Dukes of Hazzard Fans, Garrett County is getting an opportunity to see Crazy Cooter (a.k.a. Ben Jones) and the Cooter Band play at the new agricultural center on Thursday evening @ 5 pm. He will also be driving the General in the Fair Parade. A few years ago, we got to see Luke Duke (I, myself, crushed hard on Bo!) Brings back some fun & nostalgic 80’s memories!
    If that isn’t motivation enough, think about those hot & delicious Rotary fires, the Lion’s Club barbeque chicken, funnel cakes, cotton candy, freshly made lemonade, and should I keep going? Yum!! I am also a big fan of those “ride till your ill” carnival rides and flashy carnival games. This is an awesome opportunity to check out a true Garrett County tradition with a day spent at the fair.

The weather has been awesome as of late. A shout out to our friend, Ken, for giving my boys an awesome day out on the lake; boating, swimming, and tubing (Remember, all of our local marinas are more than ready to hook you up for a full fun day of lake play!)
    While I’m throwing out the shout outs, this one goes to one of our very favorite guests, Barbara Horneff! She has been staying with us for awhile now and this year is enjoying a week in with her grandkids! As always, she spoils us silly with her sinfully delicious baking (her cinnamon buns are out of this world!) Thank you, Barbara. You are one of the many reasons we love doing what we do!
    Taylor-Madeis on fire lately offering all kinds of crazy discounts so call us today (1-866-351-1119) or check us out online .
    Ready to get adventurous? Add our Adrenaline Package where you can choose 2 out of 4 exciting activities! Whitewater rafting, kayaking, mountain climbing, or mountain biking tours, the choice is yours!
In the meantime, we can’t wait to see on the lake and ya’ll come back ya hear?

What’s brewing?

   Now that summer is officially here, it’s a great time to head into Oakland, our county seat.  Mountain Fresh Producers Association has once again started the Farmers Market located downtown on Wednesdays & Saturdays form 10 am until 1pm from now until the end of October. Help support the future of agriculture in our area while enjoying a wide variety of fresh veggies and fruit. There are also a bevy of other treats to choose from including jams & jellies, baked goods, crafts, plants and herbs. Definitely well worth the short drive.
     While in downtown, you may find yourself being lured into the new shop, Brewed Awakenings Coffeehouse, by the intoxicating smell of coffee and cappuccino. I recently had the pleasure of taking a writing workshop that was held in the coffee shop a few nights a week. There is something so satisfying about the smell of coffee and fresh baked goods! They offer a large selection of muffins, cookies, bagels, and more. The shop is also charming in décor giving a carefree but spirited vibe. Stop by and say “Hello” to Karen, the shop’s proprietor the next time you are in Oakland.

       There is still time left to reserve a home for your Fourth of July celebration here @ Deep Creek Lake. We have opened up all of our homes to allow for partial week stays. You do not want to miss the fabulous fireworks show held over Wisp Mountain on the 4th. Call Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations (1-866-351-1119) or visit us online at  Our phone  lines stay open every evening until 9 pm and extended until 10 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In the meantime, we continue to enjoy bright blue skies and ideal like temperatures. We can’t wait to see you at the lake!

Row, Row, Row Your Boat…

Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations’ staff and owners took advantage of the beautiful weather on Thursday to go on a guided kayak tour of Savage River Reservoir. First, I must say that as far as being a local, I’m rather disappointed in myself that I have never checked out the reservoir before. What a phenomenal sight! The water, nestled between large plush mountains and trees, is possibly one of the most breathtaking natural sights in our area. We met up with Crede Calhoun from All Earth Eco Tours ( down at reservoir. After several moments of instructions on how to correctly handle the paddle, Crede had us all in our kayaks and ready to head out for a day of adventure. I started off rather wobbly and definitely could foresee a comical ending but after a few minutes, I began to get the hang of it. While out on our water excursion, Crede began to point out a bald eagle’s nest high in the trees and sure enough, before we knew it, we got to see several eagles soaring high above the mountains. Eventually, we stopped and had a tasty snack while Crede began to explain how the guided tours run. Perfect for families or fun group activities, most tours last approximately 4 hours and include a break for lunch. Offering several different kinds of kayaks, the two seated kayak can comfortably fit an adult and a smaller child. If you are looking for a whole new experience, one that includes enjoying the great outdoors while taking in some amazing scenery, then I highly recommend you check out Crede’s website. He also offers a bevy of great activities throughout the seasons. Crede, from all of us here at Taylor-Made, thank you for once again, hosting an awesome tour. We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to tell all of our family, friends, and guests to come and see you! In the meantime, Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacationsstill has some homes available for your summer stay so call us today (1-866-351-1119 or look us up online  to find the perfect vacation home for you and your family. We can’t wait to see you at the lake

Time to Espresso Yourself!

After a busy day at the office, I decided to go for a little pick me up with a refreshing beverage from Trader’s Coffee House. So many beverages to choose from! Knowing full well that my coworkers have little patience with me when I am java-ed up, I decided to try a strawberry fruit smoothie instead. Delish! Made with real strawberries and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, it was the perfect jolt that I needed! It had been awhile since I had been in Trader’s which is surprising because I love the atmosphere there! It’s very casual but warm and inviting and their menu just continues to grow. They now serve a variety of breakfast foods such as waffles, scones, breakfast sandwiches, and more. For lunch you can choose salad, Paninis, quiche, and the list continues. All are made daily and with nothing but fresh ingredients. Not sure what to get? Ask. The employees are quick to offer suggestions and always offer exceptional customer service. Need to surf the web? No problem as the coffee house offers wireless internet. The coffee shop is also accessible by boat so stop by next time you are out cruising on the water. So, if you are looking for a comfortable place to hang out while enjoying a specialty drink and snack, then I highly recommend that you check out Brenda and her crew at Trader’s. You will be glad that you did!
Life in the mountains is flourishing as the trees are full, flowers are blooming, and the air is clean and crisp. It’s the perfect time to begin planning your summer vacation. Call Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations(1-866-351-1119) today to speak to one of our reservationist who will happily be able to help you locate the perfect home for you and your family. You can also browse through our homes on our website ( where you can see pictures of the home, take video tours, and read through a list of amenities that each home offers. There is still time to take advantage of our “Book 3 nights for the price of 2” for the Memorial Day weekend. In the meantime, we can’t wait to see you at the lake!

Mother May I?

Here we are bursting into the month of May! Who doesn’t love the month of May? It’s that time of the year where the outdoors explode with life, the month that children eagerly start crossing off days on the calendar while anxiously waiting for the last day of school. The month where you can begin to daydream of hot summer days spent swimming in the lake, barbeques, and basically all things summer! Now is a great time to come visit our mountains as the leaves are turning lush and green, docks are going in and we are running some fabulous spring specials. Not sure what to do while you’re in the area? With several state parks to choose from, now is a spectacular time for hiking and mountain biking. Now, yes, I am a big fan of Swallow Falls State Park. It’s hard to go wrong with the sheer beauty of the falls and walking trails, so this time I decided to go a different route and so the family and I headed down to New Germany State Park, located outside of Grantsville, and approximately 30 minutes from McHenry. With over 10 miles of walking trails, you may find yourself wandering through a dense hemlock forest, colorful mixed hardwoods, rhododendron-filled stream valleys or towering pines and spruces. Hiking, trail-running and biking are the most popular activities throughout the year. Whether walking along the lake or wetland, or hiking the scenic trails, visitors are sure to have an opportunity to view birds and wildlife. Abundant bird species can be found throughout the area, such as pileated woodpeckers, black-capped chickadees, barred owls, great blue herons and an occasional osprey. In the late spring and summer, guests of the park can purchase snacks from the snack bar or rent a kayak or paddle boat to roam around the l3 acre lake. Swimming is also popular in the designated beach area. This Friday, May 4, there will be a “Live Jam” held at the Lake House. This is an awesome opportunity for musicians and spectators alike to join together to play and enjoy traditional folk, bluegrass, and any “old-time” Appalachian style music! Again this will be held in the Lake House from 6:30-9:30 and the admission is free! Check it out!  Mother’s Day is just around the corner so now is the perfect time to treat mom to a weekend getaway. Call Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations today to begin finding your perfect vacation home.  We can’t wait to see you at the lake!

A Partridge in a Pear Tree…..

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. You are stuffed, have had your fix of football, and now what? Well, if you are a bargain shopper and competitive by nature, than Black Friday shopping is always an option. However, if you are visiting Deep Creek Lake over the holiday and looking for something a little more “family friendly” and less sportsman-like, than I highly recommend you check out Garrett County’s annual Festival of Trees event. An event that benefits our local Dove Center (, guests of the event get the unique opportunity to stroll through exquisitely decorated Holiday trees, wreaths, swags, table decor, and gingerbread houses! A magical walk through a true winter wonderland, if you will. Events held throughout the festival include breakfast with Santa Claus, unique arts & crafts, a live and silent auction, and Kris Kringle karaoke (sponsored, of course, by our very own local DJ talent Johny Rock (ttp:// I also heard that Jennifer Christophel from Western Maryland Dance and Jessica’s Dance Creations will also be present. Hmm, still not sure? Did I mention that Lakeside Creamery would be there to help you create your own sundae(! and a sale of homemade bakery goods is also available?
This is truly a chance to shop for some unique, extremely cool, Deep Creek Lake mementos for family and friends. Again, mentioning that all proceeds benefit a very worthwhile and truly notable charity, The Garrett Dove Center! Please schedule a day of good old fashioned family fun and check out a new tradition with a visit to this festival! Please check out their website for a full listing of the event’s full agenda.