A Mountain of Options….

Ben & Brody: Kings of the Ice Throne
Mother Nature decided to take the “Think Snow” idea very seriously as the fluffy whiteness continues to blanket the area. Much colder than normal temperatures have been upon our area as of late; not just us but extending to the whole East coast and Midwest. All we can suggest is to bundle up and stay warm! As we get closer to the month of February, we have a lot of activities to look forward to! The weekend of President’s Day generally gives the population an extra day off, so that is always a reason to get away from the hustle and bustle but that particular weekend is also the 7th Annual Winterfest celebration held in downtown Oakland. If you are a fan of the quaint and charming small town flair then this event is perfect for you. Expert Ice Sculptor, Bill Sandusky, will once again be there tackling the large blocks of ice and turning them into beautiful sculptures. Throughout the town, these ice sculptures will be on display. There will also be vendors, games, live entertainment and various crafters around to keep you entertained. Stop by, grab a cup of hot chocolate, play ice bowling, pose with the sculptures and basically embrace the graciousness that is Oakland.
Wisp has been reporting that skiing conditions have been great lately with all of the fresh powder. Not a skier or a fan of snowboarding? There are so many other choices of activities to do! I personally, am a fan of snow tubing. It’s essentially sled riding except instead of trekking back up the hill yourself, you get pulled up by your tube. A win-win in my opinion! Embrace your inner Yamaguchi and try out the ice skating rink. Creating the perfect winter wonderland ambience, the rink is entwined in twinkly lights and complete with a large outdoor fire pit. Still unsure? There snowmobiling, snow shoe tours, cross country skiing, the list is long and guaranteed to offer something for everyone in your group. Beat the winter blahs with an invigorating and adventurous mountain escape to Deep Creek Lake. Call us (1-866-351-1119 or go online www.deepcreekvacations.com) and Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations will happily assist you in finding that perfect home for you and your guests. We can’t wait to see you at the lake!

I do @ Deep Creek!

Amanda @ the TMDCV booth!
 I recently had the privilege of attending Cavanaugh’s Bridal Show held in Pittsburgh with our Event Coordinator, Amanda. I was a definite 1st timer so with that in mind, I had absolutely no idea of what to expect. First impression “Wow!” It was amazing and I know this sounds a little girly, if you may, but it was so pretty. Every detail that you would need to know in order to have a successful wedding, you would find here. How are you going to get to your wedding? Limo, of course. But here comes the interesting part, you now have options of what kind of limo? Certain color? Certain decorations? Music? Throughout the showcase, vendors were set up and ready to show the potential brides all of the different options that they offer. There were many mannequins dressed in bride gowns and bridesmaid’s dresses. On occasion, a Bride model would glide by. So many music options. There were many disc jockeys to choose from (I was little jealous that we weren’t closer to them as they were definitely the “fun group” to be around.) How about a violinist? Bagpipes? The choices seemed endless.                                              
Bridal Puppy!
Candy Buffets are very popular!
We were there, of course, as the “venue”. Why would you choose Deep Creek as your wedding destination? This is a no-brainer to us. Lush gorgeous mountains, a spectacular sparkling lake; clearly Mother Nature went out of her way to bless us. Surprisingly, a lot of people have not heard about Deep Creek so we were happy to tell them about it. The view from my window tells me that the snow is still floating down to the ground outside. Picture now, a winter wonderland wedding. We have that. Is Fall your favorite season? Our mountains pop with vibrant hues of orange, yellows, and reds creating a breathtaking backdrop for your special day. How about lakefront with Deep Creek shining blue and bold behind you? So, yes, we went to try to spread the word about Deep Creek.
In the meantime, we also came home with a plethora of new ideas to provide to our brides. (Did you know that photo booths and candy buffets are very “in” right now in the wedding world?) Amanda made a great deal of new contacts, which adds to list of services and knowledge that she can bring to her brides. All in all, it was a very successful trip and we came home ready to brainstorm.
Again, the snow is still coming down so now would the perfect time to plan a weekend ski getaway. Wisp is going full force so take advantage of the weather and come and play in the mountains. Give us a call @ 1-866-351-1119 or go online www.deepcreekvacations.com and we can assist you in finding the ideal vacation home for you and your guests. We look forward to seeing you at the lake! 

A Land of Fun? How can you resist?

Most of the United States has been getting hit with a cold blast this week although for us here in the mountains, it hasn’t seemed like a drastic change as of yet. Wisp has been taking advantage of the cooler temps and currently have all snow guns fired up as they prepare for the weekend visitors that will be arriving. You don’t have to be a huge fan of the ski slopes to enjoy a visit to our area. Many of our homes offer an abundance of fun amenities. Find a home with a cozy, warm fireplace, a pool or game table, and a large screen TV and you can stay warm while watching the snow dance around outside.
 For the kids in your group, I suggest that you check out Funland which still opens on the weekends in the winter season. The moment that you walk inside, you get the sense of “Fun!” Video games are crying out begging to be played. What’s your favorite? I personally rule at Air Hockey and Skee Ball. Most of the games give you a chance to win tickets which can then be redeemed for some really cool prices such as candy or toys. If you are a frequent visitor to the area, you can cash your coupons in and keep the slip to add to the next time you stop in (this is great for those that want to work towards the big, special prizes!). It’s a very fun and relaxed environment and not so big that you need to worry about the kid’s wandering to far from a parent’s roaming eye. It’s also located right in the heart of McHenry so afterwards, you can stop in at one of the local dining establishments and feed the family. Funland has something to offer everyone in your group, regardless of age so make sure you check them out the next time you are in the area!
As the snow continues to fall, this is a great time to call in and ask about some of the phenomenal discounts and packages we are offering for your next mountain excursion. Call us @ Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations today and let us help you pick the perfect home for you and your friends and family (1-866-351-1119 or go online www.deepcreekvacations.com).  We can’t wait to see you at the lake!

Happy Holidays from Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations!

Sending out a heartfelt “Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!” to all of Taylor-Made’s homeowners, guests, family, and friends! It’s been a very busy year here at TMDCV. We have seen a great deal of growth throughout our company as each department continues to expand in numbers in order to oversee the many new homes we are now managing. It’s so exciting to watch our company, still 5 years young, continue to thrive and we know that this due to so many people who have helped along the way. Our top notch staff, who firmly believe in going above and beyond, attended educational and informative seminars that covered everything from the latest trends in Marketing, how to improve Reservations and Customer Service to information on utilizing the latest equipment and practicing safety issues in Maintenance and Housekeeping. Our homeowners, who trust us with the care of their home and soundly take advice on how to make sure their home suits the needs of our guests. Our guests, whether they are first time renters or those who faithfully stay with us time and time again, you are what makes us try to be the best we can. Of course, we are always thankful for our family and friends, who are just there when we need them. We wish you all a very safe and happy New Year! We cannot wait to see you at the lake!

Winter has officially arrived… Now Embrace It!

Chase having fun!
I have a most splendid view of Wisp Resort from my office and as I look out now, I can see that they are very busy preparing the slopes for the skiers and snowboarders that will be visiting our area over the next few weeks. The natural snow fall and lower temperatures have come in handy. Combined with the snow guns, it looks to be some optimal skiing conditions! If you are not a fan of the slopes, there are still so many other activities to do in the area this time of year. One of my favorite winter activities is snow shoeing! I am, in no means, a coordinated person so I generally balk at any activity that seems to require this. When Crede Calhoun from All Earth Eco Tours invited our Taylor-Made group to come out and try a snow shoeing tour @ Swallow Falls State Park, I was not thrilled. For those that have never been to Swallow Falls, it must go on your “Must Do” list of places to visit as it houses the largest waterfall in the state of Maryland and is in general, a breathtaking place to see. This helped in my decision and luckily, I gave in. We met at the park and Crede began to give us a tutorial on how to properly strap on the shoes, handle your poles, and maneuver through the snow. As we started off, big beautiful fluffy snowflakes began to gently fall around us and for a moment, I expected to hear music swell in the background. I embellish, of course, but it truly was an amazing adventure. There is something so thrilling yet serene guiding through the forest. Crede took us to some of the back area of the forest so even if you have been there before, it’s neat to see some of the areas that most people don’t frequent. We stopped and enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate as Crede explained some facts about our natural surroundings. The best part? I didn’t fall! It truly is one of those “If I can do it, anyone can” activities! It’s so much fun and makes for a great group activity. Give them a call and make your reservation today! 1-800-446-7554  http://www.allearthecotours.com/
The Taylor-Made gang snow shoeing!

We are still running some fantastic last minute deals so call and speak to one of our Reservation Specialist today. (1-866-351-1119 or www.deepcreekvacations.com) They can help you find the perfect home for your friends or family. We can’t wait to see you at the lake!

A little help in planning your Couple’s Retreat!

Lake Pointe Retreat’s Great Room
Blanketed in a layer of fluffy goodness, Deep Creek experienced a great deal of snow fall over the weekend bringing excitement for those that can’t wait to tackle the ski slopes. Wisp is currently operating with about 5 slopes open as well as the snow tubing park and ice skating rink. Now is the time to call us here @ Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations (1-866-351-1119 or online www.deepcreekvacations.com) to take advantage of the rush before the holidays and some of the fabulous specials we are offering now.
Are you in charge of planning this year’s couple’s retreat for your friends? New to our rental market, Lake Pointe Retreat is a stunning 5 bedroom home which is perfect for you. Just a short stroll away from Wisp’s ticket window, you and your guests can come and go on the slopes as you please. This is ideal for those that have couple’s with different agendas. May be some in your party want to ski all day while some just want to enjoy the ice skating rink for a view hours. This extra convenience helps. Why else might you choose this particular home? The fabulous and rich décor cannot be overlooked. You will be in awe from the moment that you step inside the Great Room! Go into overload as you walk to the lower level and imagine the hours of fun that will be spent playing pool as you keep warm in front of a toasty fire. Offering all large king and queen sized beds also makes this an ideal choice for couple’s! I highly recommend that you check out this home as you plan your getaway.   http://www.deepcreekvacations.com/deep-creek/ski-in%252fski-out/house/rentals/lake-pointe-retreat/235/alpha,   The luxurious furnishings coupled with the extremely convenient location make this home an easy choice for many!
Who’s Ready?

As we continue to get closer to the holidays, stay tuned for more updates on area happenings and the best places to shop locally! In the meantime, we can’t wait to see you at the lake!

A Christmas Celebration

Spruce Artisan Village
Do the hustle and bustle of the holidays wear you down? Take some time this weekend to experience a calmer and more meaningful event and visit the Spruce Forest Artisan Village in Grantville for their annual traditional Christmas celebration. Wander through the sparkling village and travel back to simpler days. Hosting its 29th year of the event, this Friday and Saturday (December 6th and 7th), guests will enjoy strolling through the village that will feature hundreds of luminaries lighting the pathways, fresh greenery and decorations will adorn the historic cabins which will lead over the Historic Cassleman Bridge. Enjoy warm apple cider in the Yoder House and listen to the hosts as they describe how the first Europeans settled in the area and started some of the first holiday traditions. Walk through each studio gallery to see and buy fine Appalachian crafts, including Lynn Lais’s pottery, Ann Jones’ weaving, Mike Edelman’s ironwork, Douglas Salmon’s metals, Gene Gillespie’s turned wood, Gary Yoder’s bird and feather carving, and guest artists Lenore Lancaster with colored pencil drawings and prints. Local musical talent will add to the festivities as their will be several different artists playing throughout the event. It really is a fun festival that allows you and your family to take a moment to truly appreciate the holiday traditions that have been around for so long. Admission to the event is free although donations are always greatly appreciated. Christmas in the Village takes place from 4-8pm on Friday December 6, and noon until 8 pm Saturday December 7, 2013.  For directions or event information, please call the Village office 301-895-3332 or visit www.spruceforest.org.
Just another peaceful day at the lake!

Wisp still has snow and currently open with 5 trails that are usable. The ice-skating rink and snow tubing park are also both open, as well as the Mountain Coaster. There are definitely a lot of great activities going on this weekend so now is the time to take advantage of some of our great discounts. We can’t wait to see you at the lake!

An Open Invite

The exterior of Cherry Cove Cottage
Excitement is in the air around the Taylor-Made offices these days as everyone is anxiously preparing for the holidays. Thanksgiving is a busy time as we prepare all of our homes for the many families and friends that will be visiting Deep Creek in the next week or so. We do still have some availability so take advantage of some of the huge last minute discounts we are offering and give us a call! (1-866-351-1119 or online www.deepcreekvacations.com). A newer home to our rental market and one that I fell in love with, Cherry Cove Cottage, is now available for the holiday. It’s a newly remodeled log cabin tucked away on a quiet road but just minutes from the state parks, Smiley’s Fun Zone, and other area shopping and activities. The Great Room has a wonderfully warm feel, complete with wooden beamed ceilings, a massive stone fireplace, and amazing lake views from the open, deck access. Beautifully decorated, this home offers plush leather sofas and a large flat screen TV. With a queen sized bed in each bedroom, this cabin is the perfect choice for two couples that want to get away or for a small family that wants to escape. It also offers a bubbling outdoor hot tub, ideal for relaxing after stuffing yourself full of all of the fixings earlier in the day. If this seems to fit your needs, please call and find out more information about this charming log home. It really is a “love at first sight” home.
Get your sugar fix @ Bear Creek Traders!

While you are in the area, I strongly urge you to shop locally in our area. Here in McHenry, Bear Creek Trader’s offers a large variety items; garden accessories, home décor, artwork, picture frames, toys, candy, basically something for everyone on your list. I would also suggest heading to Oakland to check out some of the small shops there. Many of them will be offering some great discounts on Black Friday so get some great deals while avoiding the crazy rushes. In the meantime, we can’t wait to see you at the lake.