Wine, anyone? Why, yes, please!

     The Labor Day holiday is among us and the staff @ Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations has been busy trying to help our guests visit us by offering some outstanding last minute deals! There are a lot of fun activities going on this weekend including the annual Labor Day sales offered at Wisp, Rudy’s, and High Mountain Sports. If you are looking for some great deals on snowboards, canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes, ski equipment, you name it, then you definitely want to stop by one or all of these shops!

     A great big, heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who came out last Friday to visit us for our Grand Opening! It was awesome to see so many of our homeowners, renters, and supporters from the community. Also, a shout out to Sante Fe Grille, Brenda’s Pizzeria, Dutch’sPinelodge, Trader’s Coffee House, DC’s Bar & Restaurant, & Sorellee’s for the spectacular food spread. I’m not sure who that red head was that kept making frequent trips by the stuffed mushroom caps but someone should really consider explaining the whole “gluttony is wrong” concept. The evening was a huge success and again, we really appreciate the support.
     Don’t forget that next weekend, (September 7th– 9th) is the annual Deep Creek Lake Art & Wine Festival, held at the Garrett County Fairgrounds. This is a phenomenal event that is fun for the whole family and benefits the American Red Cross. Tickets can be purchased for a mere $25. This allows you into the festival all day and covers the cost of the entry, wine tasting, and a commemorative wine glass. A bevy of activities will be going on throughout the day. Local artists and food partisans will be peddling their ware. This is an awesome change to check out their art work, from jewelry to oil paintings, wood carvings, and more. You will also be able to purchase some specialty food items from some of our local food vendors. The wine shop will open until 7 pm as well. The kids will enjoy face painting, balloon art, air brush tattoos, carriage rides, a moon bounce & much more. Don’t forget the live music that can be enjoyed throughout the day. When you call to book your home, don’t forget to ask your Reservationist for some additional information on the Art & Wine packages that we offer that hook you up with. For a small fee of $45 per person, you can get not only the entire ticket to the festival but also a $25 gift certificate towards the wine pairing at one of the local participating restaurants on Friday evening. This truly is a festival worth checking out and it goes towards a wonderful charity.

Until next time, when we begin to embrace the notion of the Autumn season (my favorite time of year… leaves changing, Autumn Glory, and let’s not forget Football Season! Go Steelers!) we can’t wait to see you at the lake!


Elvis has not left the building…just yet!

As I mentioned last week, I am on a new quest to conquer my Holiday shopping procrastination. I decided to once again go local, with a side of different thrown in. This brought me to The Shawnee Trading Post, located towards Oakland and approximately 10 minutes from Deep Creek Lake. I love that place! It’s certainly easy to find as the outside is randomly decorated with some very large and unique statues and fountains. These large bronze beings range from children playing to a large assortment of animals (dogs, cats, dolphins, frogs, fish, bears, the list goes on…) If this hasn’t peaked your interest then you simply must just step inside. The most obvious thing that you will see upon entering is the large man-made pond inside the door. Decorated lavishly in “garden/pond” decor, you will be warmly greeted by a beautiful school of koi fish. And then let the ‘wow’ factor begin. The store is packed full of amazing fiberglass statues/people. Elvis is in the house, along with Marilyn, James Dean, The Duke, and I believe I even caught a glimpse of Jordan there. The walls are also lined with gorgeous vases and flower pots, which in my opinion, would make an awesome gift. They also specialize in taxidermy so as you approach the back wall you will quickly become enthralled with the display of the gigantic elephant head. Scan on and check out the lion, elk, and other various animals. Most of the items in the store fall into the category of “lawn/garden decorations” but they also have amazing lamps, trunks, and country home decor. Our shopping days are quickly come to a close, so if you are like me, and still have plenty of people to cross off your list, then I highly suggest you check this store out (especially if you are a fan of all things funky, quirky, and just plain unique, like I am). In the meantime, let the temperatures drop, “Think Snow!” and we look forward to seeing you at the lake!