Snowshoeing at Deep Creek Lake

If you like to hike, you’ll love snowshoeing at Deep Creek Lake! When the newscasters are frantically reporting the latest “blizzard of the century,” that’s the perfect time to strap on some snowshoes and head outside.  Whether your goal is to get out for a leisurely walk in the snow or go for a more physically challenging adventure, you’ll find this traditional mode of travel easy to learn—and effective at getting you where you want to go.  With miles of hiking trails available to snowshoe enthusiasts in area state parks, Garrett County is home to endless opportunities for winter backcountry travel.

Snowshoeing at Deep Creek Lake

History of Snowshoeing

The origin and age of snowshoes are not precisely known. Historians believe they were invented from 4,000 to 6,000 years ago, probably starting in Central Asia. Before humans built snowshoes, nature provided examples. Several animals, most notably the snowshoe hare, had evolved over the years with oversized feet enabling them to move more quickly through deep snow. Continue reading Snowshoeing at Deep Creek Lake

Wisp Resort Opening Friday December 15, 2017!

wisp resort opening

Big news – Wisp Resort opening December 15, 2017, weather permitting!

Wisp Resort started some serious snowmaking efforts the evening of December 6th. The snow guns have been going strong ever since. Cold temperatures in the extended forecast. That gives them a good window to reach their goal of Wisp Resort opening Friday the 15th.

They are making snow at the Bear Claw Snow Tubing Park as well as on the slopes. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, they also have an ice skating rink this is open every weekend.
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Bring on 2015!

It’s hard to believe that 2014 is coming to a close. Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales had a wonderful year and we are once again so thankful for our many guests, friends, neighbors, and homeowners that we get to work with every day. As a company we saw many changes from adding new homes to our vacation rental market; (we officially made it past the 200 mark this year! So exciting!) to the big news of now offering a Real Estate Department to our company. Jay Ferguson brought his expertise in this field and has been growing a wonderful team of dedicated & proven professionals to our Sales Department. The fact that Jay also has a wonderful sense of humor and believes so highly in teamwork makes him a wonderful match for our Taylor-Made family.
 Our Taylor-Made team also got to attend some awesome and rewarding conferences and even hosted our first, The Big 8. (We invited 8 companies in the vacation rental industry to visit us in Deep Creek so that we could network and exchange new thoughts and ideas!) Each conference that was attended was another chance for our company to learn how to better serve our guests and homeowners. We covered a myriad of topics from Customer Service, the newest housekeeping and maintenance trends, to exploring new ideas in marketing and technology. (We are big advocates of keeping ourselves educated on all ideas involving the vacation rental industry!) Speaking of new technology and staying on top of things, this year we also were able to introduce the Phantom Vision Drone to Deep Creek Lake which allowed us to not only take spectacular aerial photos but some amazing videos of area activities as well. But we here at Taylor-Made always feel that all work and no play is just, well, boring. So, we played as well. We had our annual Soup Cook Off in the early spring (bragging rights go to yours truly!) Summer Kick Offs, End of Summer Party, Whiffle Ball tournaments, Corn hole tournaments, Thanksgiving Dinner, and a spectacular Christmas/ Holiday party (basically we just love to celebrate, no matter what the reason!)

Give us a call at Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales and let us help you find that perfect dream home! We look forward to another exciting year! We wish you all a very happy & healthy New Year! Bring on 2015! We can’t wait to see you at the lake!  

Okay, altogether now…. Think Snow!


Aawww! December and the 25 day countdown begins! 25 days of Christmasmusic, Christmas movies, enticing shopping offers, Christmas goodies (and proof positive that I have very little will power when it comes to saying No to all things homemade and yummy!) and let us not forget the Christmas parties and activities! What a fun month to enjoy here at Deep Creek Lake!

A familiar humming sound has been heard echoing on the mountain top lately as Wisp is eagerly trying to crank out the snow so the official ski season can begin! (Fun fact: Did you know that back in 1956, the year after Wisp first opened, Recreational Industries attempted to make snow for the first time. The machines resembled lawn sprinklers which emitted frozen pellets of water.)  Of course, the snow blowers today are much more high tech.
They have a decent base of snow started and hopefully the temperatures will continue to drop in the evening allowing for the snow to be made.  Hard to believe that next weekend is Wisp’s 57th birthdaycelebration! They will be offering all kinds of amazing deals on discounted lift tickets, rentals, and lessons. There will also be entertainment, games, and more birthday fun (Come on Mother Nature, cooperated with us here!) Just to think, 57 years ago, one man by the name of Mr. Helmuth Heise had a vision. What many saw as just a cow pasture, Helmuth saw a makeshift ski lift. A one room hut with a potbellied stove served as the first lodge and the bed of a pickup truck operated as the first ski rental shop. Now all of these years later, the Wisp Resort is now considered  the premiere ski and golf destination in the state of Maryland. In the winter, guests flock to the area for the chance to challenge ski slopes, have a blast at the snow tubing park or enjoy some time at the newly designed ice skating rink. Throughout the rest of the year, Wisp still offers a bevy of activities from the mountain coaster that winds down the mountain, the exquisite golf course, Disc golf, the Flying Squirrel Canopy Tour, and much, much more. (
We are still offering some fantastic last minute discounts for most of our homes, so gather you friends and family and give us a call here at Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations (1-866-351-1119 or go online It’s a fun filled weekend that you definitely don’t want to miss.
Bringing the family? On Saturday December 9th, The Discovery Center will be hosting a Holiday Open House. From 10 am- 1 pm, stop by and enjoy steaming hot chocolate and homemade cookies. The kids will get a chance to make their own nature picture frame and have their pictures taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus! A wonderful family event that you don’t want to miss. For more information, go to the their website
We are embracing the Holiday spirit here @ Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations and we can’t wait to share it with you. Call today to begin planning your Deep Creek getaway. We can’t wait to see you at the lake!


Western Maryland Santa Express

Saturday, December 4th, was a blistering day in Deep Creek Lake. With the holiday cheer in the air, I decided to take my son on his first ever (and mine as well) train ride. We went on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad and chose the Santa Express in Cumberland (only about 45 minutes east of Deep Creek Lake). What a sight was the large steam engine as it rolled into the station and Santa Claus waving out of the conductor’s window! Brody was so exicted, not only to see Santa Claus, but to get on his first Choo Choo Train. The train was huge, we had to go through 8 carts before getting our seats. Santa came through each cart giving out candy canes and talking with the kids. That was the only time I could get Brody away from the window. The ride to Frostburg took about 1 hour. We went and had lunch at a restaurant pub in Frostburg before heading back to Cumberland. The narration on the train was excellent and we got to hear about the caves and horseshoe tracks along the way.

Couple of helpful hints.
  1. If you can splurge, get the 1st class tickets (they are a bit more but they include lunch and great seats), and you get to your seats quicker (only matters if it is freezing outside)!
  2. Brody had a blast, but he is 2 – perfect age. If I had taken my older neices and nephews I would suggest to bring snacks, drinks, and a DVD player to keep their interest going.
  3. The tickets are free for any lap child. Brody was on our lap the whole time so he could see out the window.
  4. Stroller was key for the Frostburg excursion. You can keep it between the seats folded up during the train ride.
  5. If you have infants bring a blanket – it was a bit chilly for Jorja, my newborn.

We had a great time and will be looking into the Murder Mystery Ride the Spring!

Swallow Falls in the Winter

After receiving over 87″ of snow so far this year and being too busy to get outside to actually enjoy it, I decided to venture out yesterday. I took the family to a snowy and quite beautiful destination. One that we all love to hike in the summer but seem to forget about it in the winter, Swallow Falls State Park.

One thing I never really noticed until yesterday, is that they have a handicap parking spot further down on the walkway to the Falls and a ramp that leads to the overlook – so everyone can enjoy the awe inspiring rush of the waterfall!

Muddy Creek was not completely frozen, but still magnificent in its splendor. The pathways were all plowed making the walk easy and my son had a blast in the snow on the way down.

If you have not made it out there yet – Swallow Fall State Park in the winter is a must see!


Here’s some informaton from Patty Mash of the Discovery Center at the Deep Creek Lake State Park:
Snowshoe History:
From Europe to North America to Asia, people began using snowshoes over 3,000 years ago out of basic need to find food and explore new territories in the wintertime. Snowshoeing flourished among the native people in North America. Before long, savvy European trappers, hunters, explorers and surveyors adopted snowshoes as their own.

How To Snowshoe:
Snowshoeing is as easy as walking; today’s compact, streamlined frames and asymmetric shapes enable snowshoers to have a normal stance and natural stride. In an ascent or an incline (in contemporary snowshoes) your toe hinges freely from the bindings which give you more friction and better grip. At the same time, the tail of the snowshoe drops parallel with ground to lessen leg fatigue. In a descent or decline, the proper technique to maintain balance is to lean back and “ride” the heel section of the snowshoe.

Where To Snowshoe:
State parks, national forests, community recreation areas, nature centers, alpine and Nordic resorts, private woodlots, even your own backyard all provide new winter experiences via snowshoes. Park rangers, chambers of commerce, college outdoor clubs, regional snowmobile associations, and winter resorts are excellent sources of information and areas to explore on snowshoes.

Appropriate Footwear:
Warm, dry feet are essential to having fun in any winter sport. Choose waterproof hiking boots with gaiters for good ankle sport if you’re planning an extended hike in variable, or steep terrain. For a more casual snowshoe outing, insulated pack-style boots, rubber boots, or hiking footwear will work. Wool socks, with a silk or comparable liner against the foot, will absorb moisture and prevent chilling.

Appropriate Clothing:
Layers are the proper dress for this aerobic activity. Be prepared to be quite warm when trekking and to cool off quickly when stopped. To dress for comfort, choose lightweight, breathable long underwear, with wind absorbent layer of insulation – sweater or fleece – topped with wind resistant outerwear. Remember, warm head gear will conserve body heat and prevent chill.

Rental Prices at Deep Creek Lake Discovery Center:

$7.00/ set per 2 hours
$11.00/ set per half day (4 hours)
$13.00/ set per full day (7 hours)

Deep Creek Lake Discovery Center: (301) 387- 7067