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Past & Present: Log Cabins in Deep Creek, MD

Log cabins in Deep Creek, MD have long been a staple style of home. They evoke that perfect “mountain vibe” for vacationers, second home owners and full-time residents.

log cabins in deep creek, md

Past: Log Cabins in Deep Creek, MD

As you might know, Deep Creek Lake was built in 1924-25; within about 10 years, people realized what a gem it was and began building “camps and cottages”.  Some of the early cottages were one-room log cabins, built with logs that had been felled for the lake’s construction.  According to the August 28, 1938 newsletter of the Deep Creek Lake Association, there were 189 private cottages and 80 cottages for rent around all of Deep Creek Lake.  Many of those were very modest log buildings accompanied by an outhouse (privy) with no running water.

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April 2019 Real Estate Rundown By Jay Ferguson

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Mark Twain

My name is Jay Ferguson and I am one of the owners of the real estate division of Taylor Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales. I am entering my 19th year in the real estate business here in Garrett County and at Deep Creek Lake. If you are interested, you can find out more about me personally and my background here.

I will be writing a monthly blog post about our local real estate market, sharing & interpreting statistics and offering some insights into the market as a whole…as I see it. These are my personal thoughts and musings about the market in general and are not intended as anything more specific. And, to be clear, I am an optimistic, glass half-full kind of guy.

Lastly, every stat I reference is based on the official stats published by Bright MLS on or around the 15th of each month. My plan is to give you straightforward stats coupled with my analysis from the front lines and let you interpret what you read in your own way.

March 2019 brought more good news for the local real estate market and the market in general: The Federal Reserve announced that there will be no more interest rate hikes this year. That’s great news for everyone (‘except bond traders’, as a client who happens to be a bond trader quipped). It’s good news for buyers and sellers alike. It’s starting to feel more like spring in the mountains. Leaves are budding, birds are chirping, and docks are hitting the water!

The specifics:
-There were a whopping 58 new listings that came on the market. That’s an increase of 57% from last month and a 15.9% decrease from last year. The 5 year average was 73 new listings for the month of March,

-Pending sales (homes that went under contract) were up 17.9% from last month. That’s a decline of 6.1% from February 2018 and it was right in line with the 5 yr avg. Continue reading “April 2019 Real Estate Rundown By Jay Ferguson”

Home Financing Tips from Local Experts

Our home financing tips cover some of the many avenues through which you can purchase and finance a home in today’s marketplace. I talked to some local experts in the accounting and mortgage industries, and they shared options to consider when choosing the best one for you. Factors such as how long you intend to own the property, the down payment funds you have available and the fees you will incur are just a few items for consideration. To begin your Deep Creek Lake real estate search, you can contact me, Betsy Holcomb, at 301-616-5022 or

Home Financing – Mortgage Update Courtesy of Mike Archer, First Home Mortgage

According to Freddie Mac, the average 30 year fixed rate on 2/7/2019 was 4.41% with .4pts and 3.38% with .4pts on a 15 year term.  Interest rates have dropped rather significantly following steady climb throughout the 4th quarter of 2018.  The general consensus is that rates will likely level off and remain steady throughout 2019.

If you have contemplated a refinance, now is the time to investigate your options while rates remain historically low.  I am finding that more and more clients are moving from a 30 year to a 15 or 10 year options to reduce the interest rate and pay their house off more quickly as they are now contemplating retirement.  A quick phone conversation is all that is needed to evaluate your options.

If you looking to purchase a house and have less than 20% to put down?  If so, don’t worry, First Home Mortgage offers several options that allow you to put down less than 20% and avoid paying mortgage insurance.  We also have the option of using a 2nd mortgage to structure the loan so that both loans are under 80% of the property’s value and therefore do not require mortgage insurance. Continue reading “Home Financing Tips from Local Experts”

Venus Stark Joins Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales

Venus Stark, REALTOR®, is the latest addition to Taylor-Made’s growing real estate division.

About Venus Stark

With over fifteen years of real estate experience, Stark has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers in Garrett County as well as neighboring Pennsylvania counties. She is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for sharing her love of the area with her clients.

“I am native to the mountains and lakes, I have always enjoyed all the wonderful things the area has to offer. I am very fortunate to be able spend my life in mother nature’s playground surrounded by unlimited activities. I love the outdoors in all seasons from boating to snowmobiling,” said Stark.

She enjoys showing clients all there is to love about the area. Her goal is to be a valuable resource for sellers and buyers to make the real estate process enjoyable.

Venus Stark Joins Taylor-Made

Why Venus stark Joined Taylor-Made

“Venus Stark has long been known as a top producing agent in Pennsylvania and Maryland, and we are very excited to have her back working with us at Taylor Made,” states Taylor-Made Co-Owner and Sales agent, Jay Ferguson.

Her combination of experience, savvy and focus on customer service make her a perfect match for a company that has earned a reputation as one of the leading brokerages in the Deep Creek Lake area. Continue reading “Venus Stark Joins Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales”

Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Update for August 2018

Your Deep Creek Lake real estate update for August shows that pending sales are up 9% when compared to last year.

We had 24 homes under contract with an average sales price of $501,566 and heading to close soon.  We had a great summer by helping 50 sellers move on to their next chapter and we had 50 buyers that fulfilled their dream of a new home in Garrett County and Deep Creek.  Our sales volume for the summer topped off at $31.7 million in sales.  We look forward to the cooler weather and all the festivals that come with it.  It will bring in a whole new herd of buyers.

Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Update for August 2018

Buyer’s Tip: Ski season is coming up. Start looking at potential investment properties near the slopes before everyone else does. During the quieter fall season, it is easier to access homes that are for sale and also on the vacation rental market.

Seller’s Tip: Fall weather is a upon us bringing leaves and spider webs.  We love the colors of fall — until we need to clean up the leaves. Maintaining curb appeal
becomes a challenge this time of year, but do your best to keep up with it.  You never know when the right buyer will come along.    

Browse Deep Creek Lake homes for sale now!

Market Update: Deep Creek Lake Homes for Sale

Get the scoop on Deep Creek Lake homes for sale and the state of the real estate market for July 2018!

Taylor-Made agents had twenty-nine transactions last month for a total of $8.4 million. Twelve of them were sold within three weeks with a total average just over three months on the market.

Deep Creek Lake homes for sale

Buyer Tips: With the end of summer and the start of the school year in sight, the number of buyers begin to thin out. It is a good time to find your perfect home without competing offers.   

Seller Tips: It has been a rainy summer. Make sure you check all of your downspouts and water drainage. Puddling water can seep into basements causing mold.

More Info on Deep Creek Lake Homes for Sale

Whether you are buying or selling, contact one of our agents for more info on Deep Creek Lake homes for sale. You can also browse area listings online to start the search for your dream home!

Deep Creek Real Estate Company has a New Broker!

Taylor-Made’s Deep Creek real estate company is excited to announce that we have a new Broker of Record! Bob Carney, Sales Manager, recently obtained his brokers license!

Deep Creek Real Estate Company
Jay Ferguson, Taylor-Made Co-Owner, Congratulates Bob Carney the New Broker of Record

In order to earn this designation, Carney successfully completed the required educational hours and the exam as outlined by the Maryland Real Estate Commission.

Deep Creek Real Estate Company Background

Taylor-Made co-owner and sales agent, Jay Ferguson, previously held this role since 2014 when the real estate division was originally launched. The company has grown rapidly in four short years, and he is pleased to pass the torch to Bob so that he can fully focus on his strengths – real estate sales and serving Deep Creek Lake area buyers and sellers. Continue reading “Deep Creek Real Estate Company has a New Broker!”

April 2018 Real Estate Update


Flowers are starting to pop up for a late start to spring, trees are beginning to bud and the Deep Creek Lake real estate market is starting to wake up.

April 2018 Real Estate Update

The inventory in Garrett County grew a little to 338 homes but more importantly the sales are climbing out of the early year slump with thirty-eight homes sold in the past thirty days. Fourteen of them were lake area sales which is down over last year at this time, but still showing signs of a growing market.

The average sales prices was over $390,000 with the highest price sold being just under $1 million. Homes priced between $300,000 and $500,000 have been especially popular in the past few months. That has been a struggling market last few years as more of the higher priced homes were gathering more contracts. 

Deep Creek Lake Real Estate

Buyer Tip

Your best source is a local real estate agent. Let them guide you in the right direction. This market is starting to pick up and information on popular websites might not be updated. Let us help you find the perfect Deep Creek Lake home.  Continue reading “April 2018 Real Estate Update”

March 2018 Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Update

Your Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Update

Winter is still holding on and giving us a few more blasts of snow, just like our inventory of homes. The number of homes on the market is still lingering around 330 in all of Garrett county with a little more than half of them being lake area homes. The activity is typical for this time of year and has slowed down in the past couple of months.

deep creek lake real estate update

Twenty-two lake area homes sold last month for an average price of around $351,000. While this is down from last year at this time when the average was $510,000, the number of units are up from only 10 homes sold last year. Continue reading “March 2018 Deep Creek Lake Real Estate Update”

February 2018 Deep Creek Real Estate Update

Old Punxsutawney Phil said 6 more weeks of winter. He might be right this time, because someone has been shaking the snow globe here at the lake. We have had over 80+ inches for this winter!

deep creek real estate

Deep Creek Real estate Buyers tip

Low housing inventories begin to put the sellers in the driver’s seat. When the right property comes along, be prepared to make a decision fast. A good agent will be able to help you with preparation and finding the right house. Contact one of our agents today to get that process started.   Continue reading “February 2018 Deep Creek Real Estate Update”