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Deep Creek Lake Real Estate News October 2018


Deep Creek Lake real estate news October 2018 is positive for the beginning of fall!

Deep Creek Lake Real Estate News October 2018

The leaves may not have changed colors early this year, but the listings statuses have been making a colorful changes. We currently have 22 homes under contract status right now and have put SOLD signs in the yard of 17 homes in past 30 days.  The average sales price was $550,513.  That’s a 25% increase compared to last year! Home inventories are still low giving buyers less competition going into the winter months.

Deep Creek Lake Real Estate News October 2018

Buyers Tip

Ski season is coming up. Start looking at potential investment properties near the slopes before everyone else does. The quieter fall season gives you easier access to properties that are already established vacation rentals.  Continue reading “Deep Creek Lake Real Estate News October 2018”

May 2018 Real Estate Update

Real estate activity at Deep Creek Lake is heating up with the warmer spring temperatures. We are seeing positive signs of a seller’s market in the making! 

May 2018 Real Estate Update

Out of the 200 active lake area homes, 17 of them sold in the last month. And better news, the average sales price to average list price was only a 5% difference.  In other words, the offer price is getting closer to the listing price. Historically, that number has been around 8-12%. The average days on market for these homes was about three months. As we get into the summer months, I will take a guess that timeframe will get shorter.

Real Estate Update

Location, presentation and price are still the key factors in any real estate transaction. You have location nailed. Deep Creek Lake is the place to be.  Continue reading “May 2018 Real Estate Update”

February 2018 Deep Creek Real Estate Update

Old Punxsutawney Phil said 6 more weeks of winter. He might be right this time, because someone has been shaking the snow globe here at the lake. We have had over 80+ inches for this winter!

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Deep Creek Real estate Buyers tip

Low housing inventories begin to put the sellers in the driver’s seat. When the right property comes along, be prepared to make a decision fast. A good agent will be able to help you with preparation and finding the right house. Contact one of our agents today to get that process started.   Continue reading “February 2018 Deep Creek Real Estate Update”

Tips for Buying Lakefront Real Estate at Deep Creek

Buying lakefront real estate is a different experience than buying an ordinary home in a typical neighborhood. When you buy lakefront real estate at Deep Creek, you are also buying a way of life.

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Buyers frequently ask our agents about lakefront real estate. Our experts point out all of the differences and things to be aware of. Here are some of their best tips to get you started on your Deep Creek Lake real estate search.

Secure Financing Early

Figure out your financing early on in the process. Unless you are paying in cash, you will need to obtain a mortgage. Getting pre-approved is key when buying a lakefront home. Lakefront home sellers are often advised by their agent to only accept an offer from a pre-approved buyer. Continue reading “Tips for Buying Lakefront Real Estate at Deep Creek”