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How to Buy Real Estate in Garrett County, Deep Creek Lake & Wisp Resort

Pick Taylor-Made! What makes us different than any other real estate company? We break the mold of traditional real estate sales. We are really FULL SERVICE. It makes sense to have a one-stop shop for EVERYTHING you are going to need/want at Deep Creek Lake. Not only can we assist with finding the perfect vacation home, we can assist you with EVERY aspect of home ownership with our full service property management division, whether you decide to rent your property or not. You will be working with an entire team of professionals every step of the way!

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When you shop online for homes at Deep Creek Lake & in Garrett County, you are only seeing half the homes for sale. It’s a funky MLS rule that keeps all local companies from showing the whole market on their public website. Sure, you can find them all if you visit 3-4 different sites and try to keep that straight. Or, we can set you up with direct MLS (straight from the source) listing emails. Its VITAL in today's information age that you see the homes as soon as they come available – or else you may not have a chance to see them. Your ‘Taylor-Made’ search results will keep you up to date with the area of the market you want to focus on and give you a tremendous advantage.

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Learn The Deep Creek Lake Market

Our website offers fantastic tools that you can use to learn the different types of properties that are out there, as well as research communities and amenities. What’s a ‘buffer strip’? Type A dock? DNR? Who is that and why are they important? We’ll fill you in on what we know; we’ll find answers for questions that you may have and we’ll identify the solid deals. Obviously, lakefront homes are always in high demand on any lake – the lot is more valuable and often has several amenities: water access, a view and a dock. But what other kinds of properties are there? Lake area houses offer much more living space and often yard space for the money, but don't offer as much in terms of amenities - views, ski slope access, water frontage, dock slips, etc. Condominiums & townhomes offer low maintenance ownership, and often have attractive common areas. All of these factors are considered in the pricing of the properties you see online. Beyond that, every listing you see has a ‘story to tell’ – good or bad. We’ll help you understand the nuances of the market.

Planning Your Budget  

You already have an idea what you are comfortable spending, so the next step is to determine HOW you want to pay. Are you using a home equity line? Do you want/need to rent your home as a vacation rental? Will the mortgage program you are using allow for an investment property? How does it affect your interest rate? How much are closing costs? Taxes? Insurance? How much money do you need to put down? How to structure ownership? Does a trust make sense? Are you in a position to use a 1031 exchange? Have a conversation with your accountant or financial planner. If you are going the route of a traditional mortgage, I recommend checking with at least 3 mortgage providers - your hometown lender and 2 local people who know our market.

Use Our Knowledge To Your Advantage

We have over 50 years+ combined experience in the DCL vacation home market. We can speak to virtually every aspect of owning, renting and maintaining real property. Ask your questions, express your concerns. Read our blogs, stay in touch with our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. We pay attention every day to news and developments that affect the market and we keep our clients informed.

Plan A Trip To Look At Homes

This is by far the best way to get up to speed in a hurry. Narrow down your list of homes and we’ll make the arrangements. Nothing beats seeing the house and lot it in person -what may look great on the internet photos may not be so impressive up close. We’ll see as many homes as it takes until we find the perfect piece of Deep Creek!

Make An Offer

We'll provide you some research on comparable sales and help determine a strategy. Home inspections, chimney, mold, radon, water bacteria, septic dye tests, buffer strip inspections, TVRU...they all have their place and time. What are other homes actually selling for? Has the owner maintained the house or does it need some work? Is it a rental home? What dates are booked?

Negotiate The Contract

Lots of moving parts here. Are furnishings included? Electronics? Is it 'turn-key' (down to the sheets, artwork & dishes)? How long to settlement? Escrow deposit? Inspection time frames? Who should you call for an estimate? Relax. We have it under control and can handle all the smallest details!


Time to seal the deal. Deeds. Notes. Title insurance. Utility transfers. Insurance policies. Walk-through. Title attorneys. Certified funds. I know exactly who to call for help in every circumstance - we'll help guide you to the finish line! And it all ends with a shiny set of keys…to your new vacation home!

Happy Vacation Home-Owner :)

Take that new set of keys and start living the good life. Black bear sightings! BBQ's. Late nights around the fire-pit. Family get-togethers & reunions. Entertaining. Morning jogs along Deep Creek Drive. Fishing at sunrise. Dinner by boat. Skiing all day at Wisp. Getting snowed in. You name it - you can do it. Welcome to life at Deep Creek Lake & Garrett County!

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