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Deep Creek Wedding Guide FAQ

There's a lot that goes into planning for that special day, and we hope we can make a difference. From securing a vacation home on Deep Creek Lake, to having our staff help coordinate the event, we strive to offer complementary services to your Wedding planning. 

 Browse our selection of great Deep Creek Lake wedding homes, and reach out to us for any information that can help you plan a wedding at one of our beautiful Deep Creek event home rentals.

Homes to Host a Wedding Request Info

Below are some great frequently asked questions that we hope can help you in your planning process. Good luck planning, we're sure you'll love having your wedding at Deep Creek! We'd love to help make your Deep Creek wedding come true.

Many of our event homes do not offer enough parking spaces for all of your guests.  All overnight parking at the home may not exceed the limit posted.

You may use any of the space at our Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations offices for additional guest parking.  Each office offers additional space that may solve your parking problem by hiring a transportation service to shuttle guests from the lot to the wedding location. The Event Coordinator will be able to offer other suggestions for parking as well.

The Maryland Department of Environment Noise Regulation prohibits noise levels exceeding 65 dBA (day) and 55 dBA (night).  All outdoor events must conclude by 9 p.m.  Please notify your entertainment vendor of these laws.

We suggest that during the course of the week, you notify the neighbors of your plans.  Let them know the date, the time, and maybe even invite them.  Most of the surrounding homes will probably be rental houses, but there may be some local residents as well.  Most of the time, by making others aware of your event, there will be no surprises and it will avoid future conflict.

As long as you are not doing any damage to the home, you may decorate the home as you prefer.  However, all decorations require prior approval from Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations; fireworks are strictly prohibited! Guests are responsible for all decorating as well as cleaning up all decorations.

The natural setting of the Deep Creek Lake area is beautiful in itself; sometimes less is more.  Go ahead, be imaginative and have fun decorating, but remember to be respectful of the home and its pure environment. 

The customer service team at Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations provides you with an Area Specialist, not a wedding planner.  The Area Specialist will meet with guests to discuss home options, talk through event details, prices, and offer vendor options. The Area Specialist will be on site for the duration of the wedding and may help carry out small details for the wedding by making sure all policies and procedures are followed to avoid any disruption and if you need assistance setting up according to Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations regulations. The Area Specialist will file necessary paperwork to host a wedding at a Transient Vacation Rental Unit. The Area Specialist will give the guest a Preferred Vendor List if requested, but will not contact vendors for the guest. All external vendors will deal directly with the guest and it is the guest responsibility to hire and manage all vendors and stages of the event.

You must apply in person to:

Garrett County Court House
 203 S. 4th Street, Room #109
 Oakland, MD 21550


The Courthouse is open from 8:30 am – 3:45pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).  It is a $40 fee.

If the future bride and groom are 25 years of age, only 1 person need apply. They will require the following information from both parties:

Name, Address, Date of Birth and Social Security number

If the future bride and groom are under the age of 25, proof of age is required (ex. Driver’s license).

If either party is divorced, you must present the Divorce Decree. You may use the marriage license 2 days after it is issued and it is good for 6 months after it is issued.

It is a good idea to have a backup plan in place for your special day in the event that there is inclement weather.  Please understand that we are subject to adverse weather conditions including rain, snow, ice, heavy wind, etc.   Due to Transient Vacation Rental Unit regulations, the wedding may not be moved inside the home. We strongly recommend the usage of outdoor tents. The event coordinator can assist you in creating a back-up plan in the case of inclement weather.

Refunds cannot be made due to inclement weather.

As with any event venue or facility, there is an event fee and security deposit associated with the rental of an event home for a wedding. 

The event fee is necessary due to the extra usage of the home during the event.  Please understand that the typical number of people in a weekly occupancy is far less than that during an event.  This fee also covers a deep clean of the home after departure, necessary trash removal within 24 hours of the event, and Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacation Event Coordinating Area Specialist and on site Services.  The event fee does not cover damages to the property, excessive carpet cleaning, or excessive trash removal.

The security deposit is refundable; pending no damage is done to the home or property during your reservation or event. The security deposit will be used to pay for all pet damage (if you are renting a home that allows pets), any necessary carpet cleaning, excessive trash removal, lawn repair, other damages and so forth.

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