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In-House Marketing for Your Vacation Rental 

The Importance on an In-House Marketing Team for Your Vacation Rental

When you are choosing a vacation rental management company, there are a lot of qualities that are important. You want a company with a robust, experienced staff. You also want to be sure the owners and senior management are easily accessible should you have questions or concerns. The maintenance team should be well-versed in the repair of everything from HVAC systems to appliances.  

Additionally, an in-house marketing department is essential to the success of your home. Just like the old real estate saying “location, location, location” this team’s proximity to the area is key to their ability to provide you with the best service and to effectively promote the area.  

The Taylor-Made marketing team is in-house, and that means they are in touch with what Deep Creek Lake vacationers want.  

Professional Photographers at Your Service

Having four professional photographers, plus a drone photographer, on-staff at Taylor-Made is a distinct advantage. When you invest in upgrades, you want to be sure that those changes are in front of guests immediately. Our team can update online photos so that new images are in front of guests quickly. That can have a big impact on your bookings. 

Our photographers also capture the beauty of the area, the abundant recreation and local activities. These images are used for our website, brochure, social media and print ads. They draw new visitors to the area and remind past guests why they love Deep Creek Lake vacations.  

According to a 2018 study, one-third of online activity is spent watching video. Two of our photographers are also proficient videographers. A custom video for your home is another way to showcase the features that make it a great place to enjoy time with family and friends.


Deep Creek Lake Focused Social Media

In 2021, social media was responsible for bringing over 443K new users to our website. It is an important part of our marketing strategy as it also drives considerable revenue.  

With over 55K followers on our primary Facebook page and more than 7K for our Deep Creek Lake real estate page, we have a large audience that is interested in Deep Creek Lake. By delivering content that is solely focused on local experiences, they remain engaged with the Taylor-Made brand and the area. We can show them a beautiful sunrise from that morning, make them aware of last minute specials and keep them up-to-date on favorite events. Paid ads are used to reach audiences that include past and potential guests so that traffic is always being driven to the Taylor-Made website.  

Engaging Content from Area Experts

Your guests will be engaged by content created by local experts. From blog posts and property descriptions to photos and videos, we know this area like the back of our hands. By providing inside tips and valuable information to enhance vacations, guests can get the authentic Deep Creek Lake experience they crave. Additionally, the content we create is optimized with keywords that are commonly used when people perform Deep Creek related searches. Check out our blog post 27 Things to Do with Kids at Deep Creek Lake to see what we mean.

Local Revenue Management

Expertise in pricing for the local market sets us apart from other companies in the area. True dynamic pricing is in place for all our homes. Rates are based on supply and demand, but there is a need for oversight based on unique, local conditions. Our revenue management team ensures the rate for your home is just right based on your location, amenities, seasonality as well as demand. 

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