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Alason Brant

Reservations Assistant Manager

Born in Somerset County PA, Alason shortly after moved to Garrett County. Here she would attend school at Northern Garrett and started her customer service career at 16 years old. She started her reservations position at Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations in October 2017 and worked her way up to Reservations Assistant Manager by October 2020. Outside of work she attends Penguins hockey games, concerts and checking out new breweries with her fiancée.  She also likes to spend time and go hiking with their goldendoodle Brody.

How long have you lived in Deep Creek? All of my life!

What are your hobbies?

 Crafting, Painting, Fishing, Archery and Hikin

Favorite thing about the area?

The scenery. The mountains are stunning even during the winter months when all the leaves have died. You must see it to believe it.

Favorite Local Restaurant? Mountain State Brewing Company

Favorite Season? Fall, of course!

Favorite Local Events?

The Festival of Trees

If you only had a couple of days to spend in Deep Creek, what would you recommend doing? (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter)

Check out the hiking trails at all the local state parks. Regardless of the season they are gorgeous and really gives you some time to detach from reality for a little while.

What is the most common misconception about DCL from out-of-towners?

Bears! There are many people who think bears want to go out of their way to harm them but keeping the trash locked in bear proof bins and bringing food inside from having a picnic or around the campfire, they will leave you be (for the most part) ?