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Alyssa Rounds

Reservations Assistant Manager

Born and raised in Garrett County. Attended Garrett College and played 2 sports (volleyball and basketball) Continued to coach after graduating. Loves spending time with her family and friends when she isn’t spoiling her twin nephews.

How long have you lived in Deep Creek? Born and Raised!

What are your hobbies?

Sports, hunting, hiking, anything that involves adrenaline, trying different restaurants and pubs.

Favorite thing about the area?

All the small and local business.

Favorite Local Restaurant? Firewater

Favorite Season? Fall (Hunting Season)

Favorite Local Events?

Garrett County Fair (all the delicious food!) and Oompah

If you only had a couple of days to spend in Deep Creek, what would you recommend doing? (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter)

Renting a boat to go out on the lake to tube and float. Then stopping at the Honi-Honi for some lunch.

What is the most common misconception about DCL from out-of-towners?

Everything is in walking distance of the homes and that it just snows on top of the Wisp.